Do not trust in miracles, trust in your own actions.



Finally! The US FDA has got at least one part right. However, they still have the rest all wrong. The illnesses and deaths are not due to vaping, e-cigarettes nor legitimate e-liquid, it is due to illegitimate and illegal Tocopheryl Acetate laced THC oil. Vaping legitimate e-liquid is still orders of magnitude more safe than smoking anything.

As I say all over this site, lies, deception and myths abound on a great many topics, but this site is about vaping and e-cigarettes. Towards that end, most Americans are clue-free about e-cigarettes as this poll showed. There IS enough evidenced based, clinical, scientific and technical long term testing that proves beyond a shadow of doubt that vaping legitimate e-cigarettes and e-liquid is order of magnitudes less harmful than smoking anything.

Further, I have heard it said that e-cigarettes stores have seen an 80% reduction in business since President Trump made his ill advised remarks about banning e-cigarette flavors. I have also heard it said that some brick and mortar vape shops have gone out of business. Further, more bans and restrictions have appeared at the state, city and local level since his remarks as well. This is not only counter to public health, what is right, the American dream of freedom, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but counter to the current administrations goals. People are dying. The only true freedom anyone has is the ability to make choices for themselves and that is being taken away. And people are being put out of business, losing jobs.



More mass media lies and now through political contacts, President Trump, MY President, has been lied to and successfully duped.

This explains it all:

I have written MY President, I know others have as well. I do not believe he will read them. He is a busy man, so are all his aids that filter for him.

Ergo therefore...PREPARE FOR VAPORGEDDON ... while you can...

I am, are you?


The big media lies about vaping causing teens to be hospitalized en masse, was actually caused by vaping THC. That is NOT and e-cigarette which may or may not have nicotine but never CBD nor THC...BY DEFINITION. E-cigarettes are the best evidenced based safe tool to quit smoking cigarettes, not joints. And CBD? Drops on the tongue, I would NEVER vape it!

2% of teens have tried vaping. 63% of children at age 5 have tried drinking alcohol. Yet we have a teen vaping epidemic?! What about a child alcoholism epidemic?!!

Just expect more lies and bullshit, that all the news really.


The shills of Big Pharma include, no joke look up who funds them, American Academy of Pediatrics, American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, American Lung Association, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids and the Truth Initiative. They spout nothing but lies, deception and obfuscation. They found a sympathetic court that ruled the FDA can't delay the PMTA enforcement. Specifically, U.S. District Judge Indira Talwani of the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts. Well guess what? that means absolutely squat.

The FDA has every right under the law to delay enforcement or not at any time they want, this power was given to them by the US Congress. Further there will be appeals etc by that time, 2022 will be here.

Ok now, the main take away is never forget who the corrupt shills are and why and remember that the FDA can decide to enforce PMTA at any time of their choosing. ALL vape products are illegal, none have passed PMTA. Meaning all products must be removed from all store shelves, online and brick and mortar.

Oh yeah, BTW, the FDA hasn't even finalized their PMTA requirements yet.


The FDA is threatening to pull all ecigarettes from store shelves. There are many articles as expected with anything negative about ecigarettes because the negativity flourishes, rapidly. Doesn't work that way when the news is positive. Only when it is anti-vaping does it spread like wild fire. Of course it also helps when its a poke in the eye to the Trump administration as well, so you know that for no other reason it will spread like wild fire. Regardless, just do a google search on " fda threatens to pull e-cigarettes ". Maybe they will wait on the 2019 "report" maybe not. The time is right for party politics and big pharma to strike and they are striking hard. So figure it out for yourself peeps.

I have yet to see any actual data. The data for this so called "scientific study" as it is called by the FDA is in the form of a paper and pencil questionnaire filled out by high school and middle school students. Surely they are always scientific right? Well in times past from so called scientific studies done by or on behalf of the federal government that I have gotten the actual questions asked, it turns out the conclusions "they" drew from the "data" were entirely IMPOSSIBLE due to a corrupted baseline. I tell that story elsewhere on this site. I have no reason to suspect this "study" is any different. However, I have not seen the questions asked let alone the raw statistics of answers. SO until I see it, I assume the conclusions are all wrong as usual. However, it doesn't matter. Headlines of incorrect conclusions went out last time and we have conclusions coming out again without any public review of the actual study setup or actual data. And in politics, thats all that matters. Scott will be under ever growing pressure to do something about it sooner rather than later.

Therefore, the Vaporpocalypse is upon us, we won't have to wait until 2022. As I have said before and elsewhere on my site, the law is passed, all ecigarettes are illegal, the FDA can change their minds to delay enforcement at any time. And from what Scott Gottlieb has said publicly and recently, I don't believe it will be limited to just convenience stores nor online. My take is, the probability that it will all get pulled is extremely high as in almost certainty. Further, I don't know what can be done given all the myths so fervently still being attested to by people with PhD monikers let alone if anyone out there is even trying to do something. And I doubt any serious actions are taking place. For example, the best thing ALL ecigarette manufacturers can do especially Juul, is immediately pull all their products from convenience stores and sell only to vape shops. And I don't see that happening at all. Further, all the ecigarette lobbyists need to be telling the FDA that they agree with pulling all ecigarette products from convenience stores, they all need to get behind that idea and push hard. But they won't. I can hear all the arguments and crying right now. My reply to any of that banter is simply this: It doesn't matter, perception is reality and you have NOT changed the perception of ecigarettes, 250 million Americans still believe ecigarettes are just as dangerous as real live light em up and smoke em cigarettes. In fact I would also bet that if asked, they would believe analogs are safer. LOL sad but true isn't it? It is akin to the concept of the movie "A bridge too far". You must take the first objective before you worry about the second, third and fourth. The war has to be fought from the battle line forward not from behind the battle line. The first objective is to convince the majority of Americans that vaping is safer than smoking. If you do not take that first objective, lies will win every time.

You need to prepare today, don't wait. Details of what to do are on the linked page above as I have been saying since 2016. All I can add to that is the following: Remember nothing ever gets cheaper. As I look at the cost of a gallon of 100mg/ml nic base I see it has increased...significantly from when I bought back in 2016. Even though today is Jan 20 2019, I purchased my last gallon of nic base concentrate back in March 2016, that's just short of three years and the cost today is 35% higher. So yeah I bought gallons. I am set for a lifetime or two. Are you?

FDA SET TO BAN FLAVORS...In certain stores...

The new FDA commissioner has extended the eCigarette enforcement deadline for PMTAs until 2022. This gives the industry a much needed breather.

However, the FDA is going after those idiots that are using packaging and labeling that appeals to children and those idiots actually selling to children. And of course those morons marketing "other" additives in their eLquids, i.e. other than nicotine and claiming all kinds of stupid health shit, e.g. vitamins.

IMHO this policing is a good thing. However the eCigarette industry has not availed themselves of this opportunity presented by the delay and the market is still flooded with those opportunistic get in get rich get out asshats that are ruining the best hope for smokers to quit and stay quit.

Heat Not Burn is still set to take the stage and the tobacco industry is not resting on it's laurels like the eCigarette industry.

In other words, it's status quo as the eCigarette industry is not doing the right thing and come 2022 we'll be right back at the square root of zero - everything eCigarette already illegal gets enforced.

The Nicopure lawsuit mentioned below was lost last year which didn't do any of us any favors and I am not aware of any pending lawsuits or appeals that have the potential to change law or FDA policy.

England seems to be heading in a better direction while their children are doing the opposite - Canada, Australia, maybe US given a few years.

There just is not a lot of "news" as in earth shattering must know coming down the pipe. In fact this may very well be the last update for years.

So given all this, I may be deleting content from this site in part or entirety. It is becoming increasingly difficult for me to continue the fight. I feel like those that have half a brain have already quit smoking and have already saved their lives. The rest are darwin awards. I feel like the industry will meet a perfect storm in the near future because of its lack of discipline, all it takes is an administration change.

There are some new devices out that are making vaping better - safer - TC that is more consistent and convenient and perhaps this is where the best news is going to be found for the next few years. In that regard, I will probably update the Current Vape page more often than this "news" page.

What I expect in the next 4 years:

1) The vaping "industry" still will not be able to find it's ass with both hands and an embedded ass finder. There simply are too many opportunists and not enough visionaries. The two guys in a single wide on blocks in the parking lot of my local food town is a perfect example.

2) States will be the wide engaging battlefront with new laws concerning age, flavors, taxes, corrupt crap like we saw in Indiana and perhaps even all out bans (though maybe more at a local level).

3) Every piece of negative press will be amplified and none of the positive will ever see the light of day. In other words the fight for public opinion will be lost although I might argue it is already lost. The reality is negative news sells and all the media cares about today is making money and the liberal left socialistic agenda, truth nor fact stand in the way, this is what "journalism" means today.

4) Lies will continue to be spread by the Pharma paid for lobbyists known as The American Cancer Society, Campaign For Tobacco Free Kids, the Action Network, and many others. Yes these organizations and peoples jobs at these organizations are funded by Big Pharma so they know their jobs depend on touting Big Pharma lies. So expect this onslaught of corruption in the U.S. House and Senate to continue as well, Big Pharma is contributing more to their re-election coffers than any other single business entity. Further, none of these self designated "public health organizations" which by name is a total lie of course, will have the guts to own it and stand up and admit they were wrong and only care about their next pay check form Big Pharma. They are nothing more than corrupt Big Pharma shills known as lobbyists or PACs, political action committees.

5) Come 2022 or before, all ecigs will be banned. Why? because the entire industry is lost and all this relief takes to get reversed is an administration change, it doesn't have to wait until 2022.


No E-cigarette manufacturer has entered PMTA yet.

And with good reason. E-cigarette manufacturers are not large businesses. They cannot afford to. I have heard a few that have indicated their intent to, but AFAIK no one actually has. I think the current belief with manufacturers is to enter PMTA at the last moment in 2018/22. All I can say is, good luck with that. It won't work boys and girls. This isn't the FDA's first rodeo. Come 2018 you must show "significant progress" towards achieving PMTA, not merely entering it even if your "application" is a 100,000 pages long. The law is clear, you should start PMTA now and pay millions for the scientific studies which won't be complete by 2018 but will have been underway for 2 years. This has been the FDAs intent. If you have not already started this expensive testing, you will not be able to prove "significant progress".

Further, to quote the Honorable Amy Berman Jackson, the judge that heard the combined American Vaping Association (AVA) and Nicopure Labs lawsuit with the U.S. Department of Justice (U.S. DOJ) representing the U.S. FDA on 10.11.2016 speaking to the DOJ said: "You have setup the industry to fail". I would say congrats, she gets it. No Shit Sherlock also comes to mind and I'm sure my daughter would say duh daddy. You see the law only gives two years but the long term studies the PMTA requires by law, take a decade or more to complete. So in two years, all e-cigarettes are illegal and enforcement begins, hence it is impossible to perform the long term studies. Expect the FDA to allow some e-Cigarettes for study purposes only, but no sale to public, thwarting any action Judge Amy might take that might indirectly benefit the average vaper. And even if she does, it would be to increase the time to complete PMTA to three years or so, not a total relief, and not enough time to complete all the studies. But also expect those e-Cigarettes allowed for study to be completely tested incorrectly, just like we have seen done before where they hold the fire button down forever past dry wick and straight on through wick decomposition which no user can tolerate. But even then, the toxins released will still be less in number and of those far less in quantity than cigarette smoke. But just like we saw before, that won't be the headline. The headline will be e-Cigarettes just as bad as cigarettes. Which is a total lie.

Also in that court case, Nicopure lawyers said yes to the Judges questions of "tobacco product" and "intended use". Which did the entire vaping community a huge disservice and was an outright lie. Many use their vaporizers for CBD or non-nicotine e-Liquid and some use synthetic nicotine e-Liquid. So the answers should have been "depends".

Remember the FDA determines everything, what is required, what success is, they even left the requirements open ended on purpose. They fully intend to string you along for years requiring you to jump over hurdle after hurdle not yet defined never giving success.

The FDA and Congress is not bought out by Big-Tobacco. They are no longer a credible political force in the US. It's the Pharmaceutical and health care industry that continues to pour millions into campaign funds of politicians and lucrative speaking fees and jobs when they leave office. It is these industries that are making 300 billion++ a year on smoking related illness and Nicotine Reduction Therapies (NRTs). Campaign contributions info is a matter of public record, some speaking fees and most post government office jobs are, look it up. Big Tobacco ain't shit anymore. Big Pharma is. They have already paid millions to the current FDA commissioner and FDA tobacco center lead not to mention the lucrative jobs they were given prior to being in office and you can bet more is waiting on the other side when they get out.

There is always HOPE.

But hope is not a method.

As consumers there are two methods we can do, support and prepare.

We must change the Predicate Date (grandfather date) from 2.15.2007 to 8.8.2016.


Because the only E-cigarette that was available then is no longer manufactured and is not even close to what we have and use today. Which is exactly why the Substantial Equivalency (SE) loophole that allows smoking cigarettes to still get approved by the U.S. FDA (this year 44 different coffin nails were approved via SE) is NOT available to E-cigarettes, there simply is no comparison to today's E-cigarettes compared to 10 years ago. The date the deeming reg went into effect (8.8.2016) at least allows for nearly a decades worth of R&D and improvements in e-Cigarette performance and safety.

Support Any Amendment that changes the predicate date to the date the law went into effect - 8.8.2016.

Support any bill that repeals or relaxes the deeming regulation.

By contacting your representatives and senators.

Lawsuits take years and sometimes decades. A miracle is needed or all ecig stuff (eLiquid and devices) will be GONE by 8 August 2018. The U.S. FDA has said they will not enforce until 2018.
The Nicopure and American Vaping Association lawsuit was heard in federal court by the Honorable Amy Berman Jackson on 10.11.2016. Expect a ruling hopefully early 2017. I was not present but from listening to those that were, the following appears to be clear:

PMTA time allowance is too short may result in a ruling for extra time to complete PMTA. No guarantee that will buy extra time until enforcement but possible. Worst case expect enforcement to begin 8.8.2018 as FDA has stated until we hear otherwise including all appeals from the U.S. FDA.

None of this will slow the onslaught of state laws. Over 270 actions throughout the states on E-cigarettes so far and many more are coming next year decimating the industry. PA with 40% tax drove most businesses to close, IN with racketeering laws being investigated by the FBI. CA with proposition 56 that makes billionaires richer but doesn't save one life. And the list goes on and on and on. By 2018 few if any vape shops will be left so even if PMTA and enforcement is delayed, it may not matter.

Will not change Accessories versus Components definition may be a separate lawsuit. Does not exist yet. Means mods and atomizers are still deemed tobacco products and illegal until successful PMTA - no relief.

Will not change Zero Nicotine or Synthetic Nicotine E-liquid deemed tobacco may be a separate lawsuit. Does not exist yet. Means these are still deemed tobacco products and illegal until successful PMTA - no relief.

Will not change Predicate Date. EVERYTHING on market is illegal right now, by federal law, it just isn't being enforced yet - according to FDA they said they would wait until 2018.

Expect Judge Amy Berman Jackson's ruling in a few months, then Appeals will follow. Maybe separate lawsuits filed, maybe not. It all adds up to wasted time the industry doesn't have. Manufacturers and vape shops are going out of business at an alarming rate. States are levying taxes and limitations with 2017 slated to be a boon year for this. There will be few left.

So even if successful, these lawsuits will likely be "hollow" victories.

There is also one other method we as consumers can and should take. We need to PREPARE.

Get into DIY E-Liquid now so you can prepare for Vaporgeddon.




All the information contained in these pages are only the opinions of the author and the author is not an expert at anything.