Vaping Industry Evil as Perceived By a Consumer

You know, I am so apathetic about the vaping industry I enjoy watching old M*A*S*H* episodes more. Those morons deserve what they get. While I hate the U.S. FDA's campaign of deception that is killing people, I find myself hoping Mitch Zeller's prediction of "99% of the industry will exit" comes true. In fact, while I do not believe we need lying and deceitful business killing regulation as the vehicle, I find myself rooting for it. But unlike others, I do not believe those that will be left in business should be. Instead I believe those that survive will be the most greedy and largest sociopaths of them all.

I find that disturbing.

If the FDA had half a brain, they would too.

This is not about achieving the "American Dream", this is about a nightmare and being too stupid to have a freaking dream.

I find myself waiting for the industry to be decimated so we can move on and reinvent it absent the charlatans and twit-wits. Because I do care about smoker's and this country but the majority of the current industry (in dollars) has proven that it DOESN'T. In fact it has proven to be just as bad as the FDA. They only care about the money. I am therefore no more interested in their greed then the corrupt shills. We don't need them. They have abandoned their customers.

Here is the proof:

Current Devices Advocacy Testing Smokers
"A Billion Lives" In-Fighting Marketing Shops
Events Blaming    

Current Devices

First the Deeming reg makes the sale of any e-cigarette product manufactured after 8.8.2016 illegal. Yet you bastards are still selling them. True the law is wrong, true enforcement has been voluntarily delayed by the FDA but also true you bastards are incapable of following the law which makes you in essence CRIMINALS.

Second the new devices won't work for smokers converting to vaping. They are way too open airflow and consume way too much power, power == vapor volume. Smokers are not used to either. Further nicotine concentration in e-liquid is way too low for a smoker.

Third, nobody can vape consistently above 100W of true vapor production yet everything coming out is more than twice that. Either that is a huge amount of inefficiency, boldfaced lies, or it has become a numbers game void of any science. A 100W produces enough vapor to fumigate an attic or a crawl space. 250W is used for theatrical fog generation in an amphitheater.


80-90% of businesses are not even paying dues in a trade organization yet you want your customers to advocate for you or sit back and let your competitors do it for you.

You can't even be bothered to write, not email, write your state and federal government representatives let alone go and meet with them.

You find plenty of money to advertise or market with comics and copyright rip-offs and support #teamfreeshit yet you can't support your own industry organization.


You aren't paying for any testing so when the corrupt shills do it wrong you complain.

The only testing to date that has been done independent of the shills has been done by virtue of your customers paying for it through crowd source funding with one exception.

You can't find money for advocacy nor testing but hey no problem for #teamfreeshit or making yourselves rich.

Obvious exception for FlavourArt who has been working with the University of Milan for testing.


You have "starter kits" based on a 320W device and a 80W+ capable DTL atomizer when a smoker needs 10x less to transition.

Many vape shops do not even carry devices at 40 or less watts.

Many vape shops do not carry atomizers that perform well with MTL in the 4-20W range.

And you don't sell ANY tobacco products.

Yet you complain about not attracting more smokers and somehow project that blame on everyone and everything else but YOU.

"A Billion Lives"

Well lets see, a movie produced by someone that has never smoked or vaped and whose self admitted sole interest is movie production. And after over a year of lower than average showings, bashes the industry for not delivering it.

Is this caring for the smoker?

Or just about money?

Is this caring for me?

Then why should I care about you?


There are true hero's in the vaping industry yet you dumb asses attack them. Hero's like Greg Conley, Dimitris Agrafiotis and Phil Busardo to name but a few.

Then some of you get a SFATA position either to inflate your egos or to protect your personal business at the expense of all others, consumers and competitors alike.

You can't even rally to save smokers lives.

The only thing you all seem to agree on is get in, get rich quick and screw everybody else.


Even the mainstream TV commercials have to rely on sex, magic and coolness.

Then there are those of you that just will not take a freaking hint and continue to use unprofessional, copyright rip-off, youth attracting packaging.

I understand the federal law has prevented you from advertising based on harm reduction claims but you weren't even doing that BEFORE the freaking regulation, instead it was pictures of santa claus vaping.

None of you list flavoring ingredients. None. Just useless banter like "natural and artificial flavors" which means absolutely squat. Not even my very favorite Mr. Phil Busardo's "B" line. Do you f'reaking understand that is expressly WHY I do it myself? Do you understand that even Dr. Farsalinos has identified toxic flavorings? Do you understand that even a person with just a public education level of science understands and knows this? So you won't pay for any testing, you know they could be toxic and you won't advertise the truth about your ingredients so why should IGAF? In defense of Phil, he is using FlavourArt and they are the outlier doing testing with the University of Milan. But still, people have allergies if for no other reason. And I'm not talking about nuts. People can be allergic to cinnamon, strawberry, caramel even chocolate and vanilla.

Yet you dare claim you care about saving lives?


Many don't carry the products smokers need to make the transition. You have started catering to the glitz and numbers game.

Many are fly by night two morons in a single wide selling wismecs and RDAs with plastic e-liquid bottles labeled from ink jet printers. Brick and Mortar is a joke.

Even the online shops are just as bad and continue to feed the bad marketing by selling those products that are attractive to youth.

Many have never heard of the deeming regulation and many more don't care and go ahead and break the law knowingly and willingly. I understand the law is bad. I understand enforcement has been delayed. None of that matters, you are proving that you are CRIMINALS and need to be in freaking jail.

You don't sell tobacco products, only sell megawatt devices and complain you have no new customers? You are the poster child of MORON.

Where is the caring about smokers in that?

You deserve to be put out of business.

This is when I stop writing my congressmen to support HR1136 to save vaping and start chanting go FDA, GO!


Vape events are nothing more than cloud hurling, self-grandizing group jerk offs.

You do nothing to bring in smokers. You give away free shit to already vapers instead of starter kits, true appropriate starter kits to smokers. You don't include tobacco products.

You advertise these with headlines like "vape meet" and "vaping convention" but never "smoking cessation seminar" or "alternative to smoking education" or "tobacco and vaping this that or the other".

You prove you have no intentions of saving smokers lives by your very actions and words or lack thereof then complain smokers don't come.


Pointing fingers is not a freaking method that is going to save you.

You blame big tobacco, you are so wrong.

You blame the FDA ok,

But then you blame the CONSUMER!

I have but one thing to say,

I hope you all are put out of business, you deserve it.

Now I know that was over the top. I meant it that way. But it's true from a certain point of view. And this is the other major part of the reason I took down all my youtube videos and repurposed this website. The vaping industry shot itself in the foot.

And the best thing about shooting yourself in the foot is when you take it off of rock-n-roll. And if you don't understand that, then you probably shouldn't be reading this website.

Smokers looking to convert over to vaping please pay heed and start here.

Experienced vapers understand all this and need no directions.

For those hero's out there that still care about the smoker and this country, are a force of light and freedom, then thank you.

Semper Custos Veritas




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