Trusted Vendors


First and foremost realize that this is from a USA perspective.

A word about Pre-Orders. This seems to be more of a trend this year than in previous years. I strongly suggest you wait until the vendor has the item in stock and certainly after a few people have had experience with and have reviewed the product. The wait on pre-orders can range from days to never. Most likely my experience has been 1-3 months.

A lot of vendors have started using Verify Ninja. I have yet to get Verify Ninja to work on my phone. I have also not been able to use the manual upload on ANY website that uses Verify Ninja. Verify Ninja is totally useless to me. However, if the site uses Verify Ninja, don't despair. They usually have some other means.

I have dealt with many companies foreign and domestic. I haven't had any issues with domestic vendors that are US based other than they have been bamboozled before:


Very fast shipping, great prices for a very trustworthy vendor. I have not tried their customer support or return policy but I hear good things. There are a lot of unscrupulous battery vendors out there on Amazon, ebay and even vape shops get bamboozled. IMR batteries has the real deal. Not all by a long shot, but if you read battery Mooch's posts on ECF you'll see where he gets his batteries from and a lot of them come from IMR. Do yourself a favor and buy Li_ion batteries and chargers only from IMR.

Kidney Puncher

Well these guys are not trusted anymore they sell Kanthal that is actually Ni80 so I have no idea what any of their wire really is anymore. Too bad, in the early days they had good wire. Don't buy, stay away.


Very fast shipping great support and return policy. Kinda pricey but very trustworthy.


Very fast shipping. I have yet to use their support or return so I cannot comment on that. But their prices are often the lowest for a very trusted source.


Very fast shipping. I have yet to use their support or return so I cannot comment on that. But their prices are often low for a very trusted source.


Very fast shipping. Kinda pricey. I have yet to use their support or return so cannot comment on that.


Very fast shipping, sometimes has items that others do not. Kinda pricey at times.

Giant Vapes

Great customer service, they have won that award multiple times and back to back. VERY PRICEY


Very fast shipping. I have yet to use their support or return so cannot comment on that. Based out of Hawaii. I have actually received products from Eciggity faster than from California Using USPS.

Fat Daddy Vape

I don't know why this guy gets slammed so much. I have always received what I ordered and exactly what I ordered and fast. Good place for hard to find DIY mod parts.


A great place for DIY mod parts and Yihi SX350J.


A good place to shop, they make their own mods based on genuine Evolv DNA boards or you can order parts for DIY mods. They have the best mod 510 connector (evolv) you can buy that uses wave springs and DNA boards.


These guys make the most accurate, consistent and reliable Variable Wattage / Temperature Control on the planet. Excellent service, support and fast shipping. Very trustworthy. And they make them here in the USA. Out of Ashtabula Ohio. You can buy their boards elsewhere or buy directly from them. So if you're a DIYer, you know all about Evolv tech and their patent.


These guys specialize in Geek Vape and Digiflavor (alt brand of GV). Fast shipping. I have not tried their return policy but support is excellent. Geekvape is a recent entry into the vapor market but they are doing great things brining some badly needed innovations that are improving convenience and performance.

There are many more including bevapehappy, elementvape, hoosierecig, originvape and etc, but those above are my primaries. Always look at the "contact us". If there is just an email address, be wary. Make sure they have a US address and US phone number and you'll be happy. As I said I have yet to have an unsolvable problem with any US based vendor, ebay or other. Some are on Amazon as well which I especially like for tools. Not always the cheapest but fast and reliable. For Rayon wicking go to your nearest Sallys beauty supply. For $15 you can buy a 3lb box that will last you a lifetime.


Wizard Labs

Great place for all your DIY E-Liquid needs.

Vaping Zone

Good place for DIY E-Liquid supplies.


I have had great success with Eden Mods out of the UK.

Some notes about the Chinese vendors:


As long as the product is in stock you have a very high chance of receiving your purchase within 2 to six weeks with free shipping. I have noticed high total value orders take less time in shipping. Do not mix orders with in-stock and ships in 3/5/7 business days. The delay is based on the delivery carrier. If you want it faster then look at the shipping options on checkout. Pick e-Packet for free shipping to here in the US. They sum up how long each method takes and I have found their summation to be accurate most of the time. If the product is not in stock then don't buy it. I have had products ordered from FastTech that said ships in 5 business days and in one day goes to 7 days and stayed there until the item was available first from US vendors. FastTech does support PayPal. I have purchased a lot from FastTech so they are reputable.

Heaven gifts

Do not pre-order. If they have it in stock then pretty much like FastTech though typically more expensive.


Do not pre-order. If they have it in stock then pretty much like FastTech, can be pricey but a good place to find things you cannot at other China based vendors.

AngelCigs US Warehouse

Do not pre-order. I have had good luck getting items from their USA warehouse.

I have dealt with many more Chinese based vendors but as I don't like to publicly slam, I'll just say stick to the ones above. I also recommend PayPal only with any of the rest of the Chinese vendors. If your stuff never ships you can file a dispute with PayPal.

A note about PayPal. If a company complains to PayPal that xyz is selling unauthorized knock-offs then PayPal will block those products and in some cases vendors. This is another good reason to use PayPal.

For folks living in Canada and other countries that tend to confiscate goods at Customs, I guess your only alternative is to stick with vendors in your own country. I have heard bad things about this. I am not sure what is going on but people ordering authentic devices from US vendors can get their purchases confiscated at Canadian Customs. And here I thought we were allies...come 2022 when the FDA starts enforcement we may all be facing the same bullshit.

I am not a fan of gearbest as mostly they have pre-orders. There are other china or hong kong based sites that have prices that are too good to be true. I have never tried them and do not trust them.

All the vendors I have listed on this page are all ones that I have personally ordered from.




All the information contained in these pages are only the opinions of the author and the author is not an expert at anything.