Websters defines "trust" as assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something.

The only person that is going to look out for your interests is YOU.

Trust yourself.


Trust in your own actions. Research all the information you can get your hands on. Use your own reasoning skills. Form your own conclusions. You are being lied to on SO many topics by SO many people for only one reason - GREED. No one else cares about you better than yourself, most only care about themselves. That excludes good parents, loved ones etc. But this really isn't understood at all today. And I am shocked. When I went to school, civics was mandatory. We were taught state history and government and we were taught national history and government. I am shocked to learn that is not taught today. Even in my day we were taught the "approved" version of history and our teachers, being old school, were sure to point out that the "approved" version is a lie and also taught us "true" history. The main lesson in doing so was to teach us that we should believe nothing of what we hear and less than half of what we read. Today I would amend that to less than 1% of what you read.

I can tell you what not to trust. DO NOT TRUST ANYONE THAT MAKES MONEY FROM ANY PRODUCT OR SERVICE ASSOCIATED WITH TOBACCO, VAPING, HEALTH CARE, PHARMACEUTICAL, INSURANCE OR MEDIA. Under no circumstances trust any of the mainstream media, ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, NBC, PBC, NPR. And I can tell you not to trust STATE OR FEDERAL ELECTED OFFICIALS, APPOINTED OFFICIALS OR EMPLOYEES. They all have been corrupted and convoluted to one degree or another, towards one end or another. And I am not talking about just vaping and e-cigarettes, although that is the focus of this website obviously.


We are being dumbed down on purpose and that dumbing down is far more dangerous than anything we were ever taught. I have heard not-so-young people say "back in the day" in a derogatory tone. Surprising from those in their thirties. Failure to learn guarantees a repeat. Good luck with your ignorance, it is after all bliss.


Life has been so good for so long that stupid has not only been allowed to survive, it has been GUARANTEED TO THRIVE. And stupid has been thriving for generations. And stupid votes. We have pre-empted natural selection and it wasn't the righteous who did the preempting. A more appropriate comparison would be "cattle baron". The only heartening thing I have seen recently is the statistics showing smoking minors is at an all time low while vaping is increasing. That is fantastic news. Not just because vaping instead of smoking will save their lives. But mainly because YOUTH GETS IT. I honestly did not think they would be smart enough to. I'm not blaming them, it's not their fault. The dumbing down of our schools and nation through each successive generation is not their fault. It has been a carefully orchestrated agenda by those that make TRILLIONS off the populace being ignorant. Do not construe this to mean I agree with youth vaping, I do not. But given a choice between bad stuff they shouldn't do, vaping is the safest. Of course I don't want them to do that either.


When the leading parent teacher organization in the country and the national teachers union urges students not to go to school to protest. There is a word for that. It's called indoctrination, a.k.a. brainwashing. And it is down to the pre-K level now. I can call out some names that used these exact same tactics and techniques in history that lead to the most horrific atrocities ever committed. Names like Goebbels and Stalin. And now I see people comparing true patriots to those names. It's a lie. The people orchestrating that lie are the true masters of deception and propaganda, the ones that have influence over the complete system from end to end, over all walks of life.


Keep an eye on state laws. Go to this website: and do a search for ALL STATES using these words:




You can also add to that list: cigarette, tobacco and etc. You will be astounded at the type and number of state legislature bills that are coming soon to a senate near you!

You may think nothing of changing the legal age of smoking and vaping to 21. Three states sit at 19. All three continue to have bills brought up every year to change it to 21. Eventually one is going to get through. Note: I originally wrote this a couple of years ago no it is January 2019 and the previous statement has already taken place. I stand against any law that allows a person to lose their life defending this country but can't get a stiff drink or a smoke, let alone a life saving advanced personal vaporizer. Instead we doom then to smoking cigarettes.

You may think nothing of a mere 5c per milliliter tax or a 40% floor tax, to which I say...stupid thrives.

Just remember this, you were warned. It does not affect me one way or the other. I have two lifetimes supply of base e-liquid and mods and atomizers stocked as well as make my own from the component level. But unless you PREPARE, or a miracle occurs, you are screwed, blued and tattooed.


This deserves a website of it's own. What I can do is dedicate an entire page to it. But make no mistake, it is real, it affects us all, it is evil, and is completely and entirely enabled by a stupid and brainwashed public.




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