Pronounced SKW ON KING. The name originates from the sound a squonker makes when you squonk it. Sqounking is squeezing a bottle to force juice into the atomizer build area which is a Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer (RDA). A tube that extends nearly to the bottom of the juice bottle feeds the juice up to the 510 center pin in the mod to the 510 center pin in the RDA. Note that a squonk mod and squonk RDA have 510 center pins with holes through them axially. Sometimes referred to as a "hollow" 510 pin. These are also called "bottom feeders" though there are no catfish or crustaceans to be seen.

Squonking alleviates the need to drip. Personally I can't stand to drip. But I don't mind squonking. The squonk bottle can hold anywhere from 5 to 30ml depending on the design. So if you like the performance of a dripper but want the convenience of a tank, GO SQUONK.

But be careful. Once you squonk, you may throw everything else away. Squonking is THAT good. While squonking is usually setup for an open draw Direct To Lung (DTL) it doesn't have to be. Dial the airflow down on the RDA and you can Mouth to Lung (MTL) on a restricted draw. You may not like the warmth that a dripper gives you because of the close proximity to the build area as the vapor does not have a chance to cool down like in a tank. If this is so then add a long drip tip.

The first I heard the squonking term was with the REO atomizer/APV where the bottle was in the mod and a tube ran through the bottom connector.

Squonking kit comes in two forms. The primary being a squonking mod and squonking capable RDA. There are also self contained squonking atomizers. Not to be confused with a squonking capable atomizer. Examples of self contained squonking atomizers are the Fountain and Super Hero.


Technically not an RDTA but a squonking atty. Uses a plastic bottle you squeeze to squonk juice up into the build chamber above. Any left over will come back in the bottle. A good method to ensure the wick stays saturated without excess pools laying around in the build area. Works good with some airflow modification by cutting snippets of 2mm SS tube and drilling out the top air holes to insert the tubes in order to get air to the bottom outside of the coils. Without it, performance is abysmal.


Technically not an RDTA but a squonking atty. Just like the fountain, almost. But I haven't devised a way to modify the airflow yet. These are above coil airflow atomizers. I have never had one work as good as a bottom (under coil)  airflow. Side airflow (from the side of the coil) is better than above but still not as good as bottom airflow.

Ok, now that we have those out of the way, below are the squonk mods that I am aware of.

Given the advent of Temperature control I cannot recommend mechanical mods or VV/VW plus all the below are single battery.

Reo Grand (mech)

This is the one that started squonking and can be found very cheap, nearly as cheap as the Kanger Dripbox original.

Kanger Dripbox (60W mech)

Eleaf Pico Squeeze (mech)

SBODY S-CA3 (mech)

Terminator Nebulizer (mech)

Yiloong Geyscano (50W VW)

Lost Vape Halcyon DNA200 (200W TC)

Lost Vape Therion Squonk Version DNA75 (75W TC)

HCIGAR VT Inbox DNA 75 (75W TC)

Council Of Vapor Wraith (60W TC)

SteamCrave Squonk Mod (60W TC)

The next are the only ones I use. They all sport dual batteries for the battery capacity I need for a power hungry RDA and have sufficient TC modes for different wire types.

Kanger Dripbox160 (160W TC)

I have heard people have issues with some RDAs that have short 510 squonk pins. But it works fine with the RDA that comes with it. And for the price I thought it was fair. Though I would go to a bottom airflow RDA ASAP. Also, removal of the bottle is through a hole in the bottom which can be a little tricky.

GeekVape GBOX S100

If this one ever gets restocked and available for sale it may well be my recommendation because it is my favorite as it has a rubberized body finish, dual batteries and an adjustable TCR mode. Though bottle removal is through the bottom and not as easy as the Movkin below. But if you can ever find one, grab it, you won't be sorry. Lighter and smaller than the Movkin below.

Update: I did finally get one and it was great, quickly became my favorite. But you can't find them anymore.

MOVKIN Disguiser 150W (TC) with optional squonking kit.

Couple it with dual Sony VTC4's for maximum power or Dual Sony VTC6's for <75W with enough capacity for all day and a Tsunami Plus clone with squonk pin and I have one helluva squonker.

For squonking RDAs and other mods this is a fairly comprehensive list at fasttech:

Today my favorite is the Fuchai 213 Sqounk kit.

But even these are not available today. The tech changes so rapidly I can't keep up with it. So I just annotate as I go along.

Though the only two separate RDAs for any 510 based squonk mod I have at the moment are the Tsunami and Nalu. Tsunami has deeper wells than the Nalu and the Tsunami Plus has deeper wells than the Tsunami.




All the information contained in these pages are only the opinions of the author and the author is not an expert at anything.