Smokers Thinking Of Converting to e-Cigarettes/Vaping

Never too old nor too late to quit smoking.

People in their 70's who smoked for 50+ years are converting.

This is not a fad.

This is not about age.

This is not about vanity.

This can extend your life an average of 9 years.

(Life Extension Study)

This literally could save your life.

Every Tuesday @9:00 PM EST is the live "The Smoker's Show" on Youtube.

This is not my show, but I recommend it, it is very informative and you can ask any question, the experts are there.

And vaping sponsors are there that will hook you up with free kit.

Just search in youtube for "the smokers show".

A very trusted resource link.

I highly recommend the Innokin Z-Biip for transitioning Smokers but please read-on...

Truly the only pertinent tidbit of critical, need-to-know information is: use whatever works to keep from smoking.

Everything past that is gravy.

So, on with the gravy! There are many things that can be known. I by no means have all knowledge on this page or website. What I have put here is my opinion and the information and knowledge I have learned that I think is relevant to a transitioning smoker like me. As a smoker and chewer that successfully converted completely over to vaping, I can offer my perspective. Remember, I do not sell anything, my continued vaping for the rest of my life does not depend on anyone or anything so I literally have nothing to gain from this website except sharing my personal experiences and lessons learned. The first thing we need to do is familiarize ourselves with the basic terminology. Clicking on the thumbnails below will reveal a much larger image.

Every e-Cigarette has a battery and "atomizer". The battery powers the atomizer. The atomizer contains a wick and coil and eLiquid. The wick sends eLiquid to the coil. The coil heats up and vaporizes the eLiquid. Done correctly, only vapor is produced, no decomposition and no combustion. The device pictured above is what is known as a "cig-a-like". These are simple "mods" (a.k.a. e-Cigarettes) that are about the same size of a cigarette and deliver a small amount of vapor roughly equal to a cigarette. These are also called "mech" mods as the battery delivers raw power directly to the atomizer without regulating electronics. This cig-a-like uses a rechargeable battery, though charge cycles is fairly limited with this type of battery. This cig-a-like also uses replaceable cartridges that are pre-filled and can be refilled with eLiquid although the coil and wick is not rebuildable and the entire cartridge must eventually be discarded. More advanced mods have electronics that control the electricity delivered to the atomizer and Li-Ion rechargeable batteries that can be cycled thousands of times. Those are called "regulated" mods and include variable voltage (VV), variable wattage (VW), and Temperature Control (TC). eLiquid consists of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), flavorings and nicotine. Some eLiquids have no nicotine some have no VG and some have no PG and some have no flavorings. For example I vape 100VG with nicotine and no flavorings that I make myself, as in DIY eLiquid.

More on all this later. For now, those are the terms we need to be familiar with in order to move the discussion forward.

1.  The first thing I did was RESEARCH my ass off!

And formed my own risk assessment and opinions of the safety of e-Cigarettes.

This cannot be stressed enough. You must research yourself and come to your own conclusions based on your own reasoning. This is what I learned for myself:

a. The worst e-Cigarette is safer than the best light it up and smoke it, real, analog, burn-stick, a.k.a. cigarette.

b. Vaping, a.k.a. using the e-Cigarette, is safer because they create vapor not smoke, no combustion. It is the by-products of burning and what is burned that causes the harm. e-Cigarettes do not burn anything, there is no combustion in an e-Cigarette.

c. Vaping an e-Cigarette is twice as effective as any other method to quit smoking.

d. I can control the amount of nicotine I want, all the way to zero if I wanted to wean myself gradually off of nicotine without cold turkey or the dangers of combustion/smoke/tar.

e. e-Cigarettes are harm reduction not elimination. The e-Cigarette does not cure anything. If I have damage from smoking the e-Cigarette will not cure it and that damage is progressive with or without smoking, vaping or nothing.

f. There are ways to minimize the risk of vaping. Please thoroughly read the page linked above.

g. There are a lot of myths, but just because large numbers of people believe a thing to be true, doesn't make it true.

The United Kingdom is leading the path on e-Cigarette research, the US is severely lagging behind. The reasons why don't matter. Remember that is was the UK that first exposed the dangers of smoking back in the 70's and took the US a long time to get with the program. Initially the UK thought e-Cigarettes were going to be just as bad if not worse. What they found is amazing and they are in favor of it now like gangbusters.

2.  The second thing was I didn't give up.

I kept upgrading until I got satisfaction. You won't need to waste as much time as I did for two reasons. We have 5th generation e-cigarettes today and I am giving you the keys to the vaping kingdom right here: What I found was a FORM, NICOTINE concentration, DRAW and FLAVOR closest to what I was used to using and was most comfortable with.

That's it. It's not that difficult. you might have to try one or two until you find nirvana, but with any luck, not dozens like I had to.

At first I tried a disposable cig-a-like but found it was a joke. Although these work for many people, it did not for me. Then later I tried different devices and over that time, partially due to evolving technology, what I wanted changed. In the end I found I wanted less nicotine then I originally needed but enjoyed more total vapor. I also tried many different flavors. I used friends and a local brick and mortar shop and read reviews and chatted online in forums. If I were to start new at this point in time I would want to stick to LOW POWER less than 100W devices and close to 50/50 PG/VG e-liquid, try different flavors until I found those that satisfied me sufficiently to quit tobacco and then move into DIY 100VG with no flavors as soon as I was completely transitioned from all tobacco. A 12W e-Cigarette was what I started with after the Blu. By trying different flavors I found a couple that I liked. And that was enough for me to completely throw out all my tobacco and remain with just vaping.

No flavor that I have ever tried comes close to any tobacco product I have ever used. And I believe they cannot. Because in vaping we don't get the thousands of toxins in smoke. I guess I needed to come to that conclusion and realize the reason to switch is precisely because it was saving my life. Within a year though I began to realize that I liked vaping far better than any tobacco product, smoke or chew, that I ever had. Today the most I vape is a sustained 20-40W and 100VG with no flavorings. At the time of this writing, I have been vaping for 7 years. Many people have had success with different choices and end results. Many use a combination of both. The point is, I didn't give up. I kept searching for what worked for me based on my unique tastes because I realized it was saving my life.

Stop at what works to stop smoking. Worry about fiddling with different stuff later. At first, the focus needs to be fiddle until stop smoking, then stop fiddling and use what works. Keep trying different stuff until then. I guarantee there is an e-cigarette product or combination of products that WILL work. Don't give up.

3. Start with a COMFORTABLE form.

There are many options. All of these devices are e-Cigarettes. The cig-a-like, the pen, the e-cigar or the e-pipe.




Below is what is called a "box mod" that uses a Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA). Together they form an e-Cigarette.


There are also pod systems like the JUUL and starter kits like the Aspire Zelos and a whole bunch of others that come in all shapes and sizes.

4.  I learned that the e-Cigarette devices come and flies.

There is a constant and never ending churn of models that are new and those that go obsolete. It is so volatile that I cannot keep up with the latest. Talk to your local brick and mortar store or use online resources like Phil Busardo.

So let us talk local brick and mortar stores. I was lucky when I first started, my local store was professional, courteous and knowledgeable. Since retirement I have moved and the local store here is a joke. A couple of kids in a house trailer on cinder blocks in the parking lot of a grocery store. One of the kids is clearly all up in his self and only cares about chucking clouds. And the one that does the e-liquid is clearly mixing at his home (whatever that may be...) using inkjet printed labels. I can see many a would be smoker wanting to transition seeing THAT clusterf... and walking right out. I wouldn't blame them. I walked out myself LOL. And I'm an experienced vaper and modder. It's sad but it's true. It's all out there, the good, the bad and the ugly. If this has happened to you, please don't think those imbeciles are the norm. Go to toher stores until you find one with the right stuff. Courteous, professional looking, helpful, knowledgeable, will spend time with you. If they don't ask you a bunch of questions along the lines of what I outline here, RUN! Always remember you can go online, and use the resource links I gave you above. Send Phil an email. He is all of those things and more and he will hook you up, especially if you are a smoker trying to transition.

With that said, e-Cigarettes take many different forms.

5. Use an equivalent NICOTINE STRENGTH.

If I smoked a pack a day, that would be 20 cigarettes or a total of 10-40 mg total of nicotine per day. Getting that equivalent nicotine dosage depends on the concentration strength of e-liquid, and how much of that e-liquid will be vaped each day. The quantity of vapor produced is directly dependent on the wattage of the e-Cigarette.

Type of Cigarette

Assumed* Nicotine Content

Total Nicotine @ pack/day

Equivalent e-liquid consumption per day

Filtered 100

2mg 40mg 3.3ml@12mg/ml or 2.2ml@18mg/ml

Filtered king

1.5mg 30mg 2.5ml@12mg/ml or 1.7ml@18mg/ml


1mg 20mg 1.7ml @ 12mg/ml

Ultra Light

.5mg 10mg 1ml @ 10mg/ml

*Traditional tobacco cigarettes have varying nicotine contents depending on the brand. Nicotine contents of tobacco cigarettes have decreased over time. Per brand breakdowns are as follows and are based on a study done by the United States Federal Trade Commission on 1200+ varieties of domestic cigarettes between the years 1994 and 1997: Lucky Strike Regular 1.6 mg per cigarette Marlboro Red 1.2 mg per cigarette Marlboro Light 0.8 mg per cigarette Newport Regular 1.2 mg per cigarette Newport Light 0.7 mg per cigarette Camel Regular 1.4 mg per cigarette Camel Light 0.9 mg per cigarette Camel Wide 1.2 mg per cigarette Capri Super Slim 0.8 mg per cigarette Chesterfield Full Flavor 1.5 mg per cigarette Parliament Light 0.7 mg per cigarette Salem Regular 1.2 mg per cigarette Salem Light 0.9 mg per cigarette Basic Regular 1.0 mg per cigarette Basic Light 0.7 mg per cigarette Kool Regular 1.1 mg per cigarette Pall Maul Regular 1.7 mg per cigarette Virginia Slims 1.1 mg per cigarette Winston Regular 1.2 mg per cigarette.


 As a general rule transitioning smokers should start with low power, <20W most start at around 4-12W.

Type of Tobacco Product Given 12-18mg/ml (1-4ml per day or 12-72mg of nicotine per day) Next Step (double ml consumption and double total nic)
Cigarette 4-20W 8-40W
Cigar 10-20W 20-40W
Pipe 20-40W 40-75W*
*This produces an incredible amount of vapor. Forget vaping over 40W as a beginner. Now you can purchase a 1000W mod and put a 20W atomizer on it and as long as that 1000W mod will go down to 5-20W, you'll be fine.

When first switching over and being used to anything stronger than a light, try to find 18mg/ml. It's getting hard to find now with 12mg/ml being the new high-strength, but the increased nic content of 18mg/ml means less vaping, less puffs to get satisfied.

Some believe that there is one drawback to an e-cigarette that involves a supposed lack of a "start to finish" experience. I have not found that to be the case. I'm not sure what to say about this. I understand the concept but to me it is ludicrous. I pick up my e-cigarette and vape until satisfied then sit it down. Pretty freaking simple. Even more simple than a real cigarette. I don't have to "put out" an ecigarette. And I don't have to worry about leaving an e-cigarette lit. I have never had a concern about vaping too much or too little. Vape till satisfied is the rule.

A note to chewers: Even 20mg/ml is far less than what I was used to. In my case, I wasn't satisfied with anything less than 36mg/ml in the beginning. I quickly backed down to 20mg/ml and am now comfortable in the 10-20mg/ml range vaping from 4 to 8ml per day. And I can't find that 36mg/ml nor 20mg/ml on off-the-shelf eliquids in any store anymore. The only way to get 20-36 is DIY e-liquid which I moved to quickly and I have stockpiled gallons of base given the deeming reg is going to be enforced by 8.8.2018 (now 2022...maybe).

7. Use an equivalent DRAW.

The draw is the vacuum you create when inhaling. e-Cigarettes can be categorized into tight draw, mid draw and open draw. Tight draw e-Cigarettes and atomizers mimic filtered king, 100's, regular and lights. Mid draw mimics unfiltered and cigars. Open draw mimics pipes. Many vapors find they start with tight draw but eventually gravitate to open draw. And that leads into MTL or DTL.


This is the most prevalent type of e-Cigarette or atomizer that transitioning smokers desire most of all. This mimics the way we smoke. While possible, I don't know of any smoker that goes Direct To Lung (DTL). We all take the smoke in our mouth first then inhale. That is the essence of MTL. Even with pipe and cigar we take the smoke in our mouth and let it waft over our palette first and up through the nose. Most vapers try at some point more open draw types than tight and along with that comes DTL. Some prefer DTL some stay with MTL.


How a vape tastes depends on flavorings in the eLiquid, vapor temperature, total vapor volume, base eLiquid ingredients, vapor density and throat hit.

Tobacco FLAVOR is without doubt the number one aspect of e-Cigarettes and vaping that turns off smokers yet are also the most sought after flavor by converting smokers. But no e-Cigarette will ever taste like smoke. E-liquid cannot replicate the 4000+ toxins, dozens of carcinogens and multiple particulates found in cigarette smoke. Thank God! But there are some that get real close to mimicking a "tobacco" flavor. Close enough to save my life. This has been called managing expectation. Trade off a little smoke toxin taste for the REWARD of vaping. I have tried lots of tobacco flavored e-liquids and tobacco flavorings in my own DIY e-liquid (RY4, desert ship, dunhill, Virginia flue cured, etc) but I find unflavored 100VG the closest of all. That's right, no flavoring at all. But again, taste is subjective. And the most common way to get unflavored is DIY. After a while and trying different flavors, I found that tobacco flavor isn't really what I preferred. This is a common experience. I don't often use flavorings but when I do, it's flavors like pumpkin and apple pie. So at first the quest is for tobacco flavor but eventually I was wondering why I didn't broaden my horizons sooner.

While it is true that TEMPERATURE is a matter of personal taste, if you did your research in step one above, then you know temperature is also directly related to risk. I vape at 360F to give me a margin of safety and with a Temperature Control (TC) e-Cigarette to reduce risk. Everyone needs to do their own research and make their own decisions. I like a cool vape and I vape comfortably at 360F. And I smoked pipe with short stem and at one time unfiltered camels implying that is as hot a smoke as you can get and vaping 360F is good enough for me.

As discussed previously, power equates to TOTAL VAPOR VOLUME. For me, about 20W mimics a pipe or unfiltered cigarette or cigar. At 40W, more vapor in volume is produced than smoke in volume. Most cig-a-likes are less than 4W and the pen styles are from 8-12W. e-Cigars and e-pipes are comfortable in the 20-30W range for volume.

As part of vapor volume, we need to talk about the nicotine carrier in e-liquid, namely PG and VG BASE. Although essentially tasteless, the base constituents do affect taste. Initially I looked for e-liquids that are close to 50/50 like 60/40 or 40/60. Those were good to start with. Later on I tried high VG and 100VG and found I preferred 100VG for several reasons, one of which was taste. Most tank based systems do not flow 100VG or high VG well at all. In fact in my RBA (Rebuildable Atomizer)  pages I focus on two things, how well they work with 100VG and Temperature Control (TC). Both of these put a lot of stress on the atomizer design. today I prefer to vape 100VG with nicotine and NO flavorings.

The THROAT HIT an e-Cigarette has is just as important to the vape experience mimicking smoking as the rest discussed above. It is in a sensation in the back of the throat that is not burning exactly but harsh is a more appropriate word. This is the same experience one gets from smoking when you inhale after taking a puff in your mouth. A raw or raspy sensation. In an e-Cigarette this can be caused by flavorings or nicotine. The new nicotine "SALTS" which are created by adding acid to the nicotine base. That is to say the nicotine in the base (PG/VG) is pH base as opposed to pH acid. I know, too many bases right? LOL To convert the pH base of the nicotine into a salt which is pH neutral greatly reduces if not eliminates throat hit. Personally, before the nic salt was introduced, I found the throat hit in e-Liquid less than a cigarette. However others do not. So just know that throat hit from nicotine can be lessoned by transitioning to a nic salt eLiquid. But also note that the nicotine more easily is assimilated in the body as well so there is a corresponding increase in effects of nicotine. Some call this a "buzz". To me, it is not a buzz. The nicotine sensation to me is a warming sensation, like feeling "flushed". Note this is NOT the same as the notorious "bath salts". And I dislike the term "free base". I have read where a weak solution of acetic acid in the PG or VG (by molar amount to offset the base of the nicotine) is used. White vinegar is essentially acetic acid. And just like I wish the e-Cigarette moniker was never used, I wish the "salts" moniker was never used. But what is done is done. Blame the multibillion dollar Juul whose founders have once again built a product line and sold out to big tobacco, yeah they own the "nicotine salts" patent. It should also be noted that ingredients in eLiquid have been used to increase throat hit. Ingredients like jalapeŮo or cinnamon. Which IMHO is a really bad idea. And one of the reasons I transitioned away from any flavorings at all. Manufacturers are not listing their ingredients. I would really dislike vaping a flavor that included an ingredient that I or someone next to me, was sensitive or even allergic to. And yes it has happened to me. Who knew my wife would be sensitive to a certain strawberry flavor? She eats strawberries all the time without issue.


Choices abound. Size, color, shape, run time (size and qty of batteries) etc are obvious. More subtle differences are closed vs open, replaceable vs rebuildable and rechargeable or disposable options.

An OPEN e-Cigarette is the only type for me. An open system means the user can use whatever e-liquid they want. A fully open system also includes replaceable wicking and coil wire. A closed system is essentially disposable, when it runs out or wears out just throw it away.

A REBUILDABLE e-Cigarette means the heating wire and wick can be replaced when needed and requires a few inexpensive tools like nail clippers, scissors and a nail. A replaceable system uses what is called a coil cartridge that is replaceable/disposable. The coil cartridge contains the coil and wick.

A RECHARGEABLE e-Cigarette uses a rechargeable battery. The only type of battery I have seen used in a rechargeable e-cigarette is Lithium Ion. A disposable e-Cigarette cannot be recharged and is discarded when dead.

Cig-a-likes are e-Cigarettes that are about the same size and look like a real cigarette. Some of these are disposable and closed, some are rechargeable and closed, and some are rechargeable and open. Pod systems use a plastic pod cartridge that contains the e-liquid and coil/wick. Some pod systems are open as far as e-liquid but are disposable as far as the coil and wick is concerned. A pod system that also uses a coil cartridge is expected to be released soon.


A "mech" e-cigarette, a.k.a. "mech mod", takes raw power from the battery and delivers it to the heating coil. Examples of these include the disposable cig-a-like as well as tube and box mods that use large rechargeable Li-Ion batteries and open, rebuildable atomizers. These are the most difficult to use. Some may think they are the easiest but that is actually false. Only the cig-a-likes are easy. A large mech mod requires much greater knowledge to use and operate safely. Other than the cig-a-like or pods (and a few starter kits but not all), these are not for beginners. Further, their performance and taste change as the battery is discharged. But these are the "simplest" in terms of construction, components and technology. These represent 1st generation devices.

Regulated e-Cigarettes have electronics between the battery and heating wire. Today, we have 5th generation technology called Temperature Control (TC). Intermediate generations used variable voltage and variable wattage electronics. These require additional button presses to operate, but actually require less knowledge to operate safely. For TC, simply set your wire type, set your temperature and press the fire button. No knowledge of coil resistance calculators or ohms law are needed. And TC protects against dry wick firing.

With that said. Simpler is better when you are first transitioning. Get completely off of a burn stick first, focus on that. If that means closed system disposables then good for you. Stick with it until you are completely transitioned. Only then start to think about more complex solutions. There is no one answer as to what you NEED to quit. Everyone is different. Work with someone knowledgeable, try a couple things and you will quickly narrow down the list armed with the information on this page.

Please understand, you don't necessarily NEED temperature control, you don't necessarily NEED an open system, etc...


In the box mod picture above, #2 is a DRIPPER. I carry a 10-30ml LDPE bottle of my eLiquid and drip 3 to 5 drops in the drip tip (mouthpiece) to vape.

#1 and $3 are TANKs. Specifically these are Rebuildable Tank Atomizers or RTAs. In these I replace the wire coil and the wicking. With these there is no need to carry a separate bottle.

The one farthest to the right is a SQUONK mod. The eLiquid bottle is contained in the mod itself and plumbing directs the juice in the atomizer when it is squeezed. The "squonk" name originates from the noise it makes when the bottle is near empty.

13. The last thing to know is that all e-Cigarettes currently on the market are illegal by federal law, act now and PREPARE...before it's too late.

But they (FDA) have threatened some vendors and manufacturers already. So they (vendors) are pulling their products from their shelves. For example certain devices from a certain store but not all stores did. Also Juul pulled all their products from convenience stores but not other shops. What this means is the FDA can enforce, and has sporadically at any time of their choosing not waiting until 2022 as they stated. I believe all products will be yanked before 2022 possibly by the end of 2019. So act now, time is short. The day may come when the safest, surest and best alternative to and method of quitting smoking becomes unavailable. If that occurs, then we all will have to either get into DIY or go back to coffin nails. I am prepared for two lifetimes, are you?


Do not give up on vaping. There IS a solution that will be right. And there are MANY solutions on the market. Many hundreds of different combinations of hardware and thousands of different e-liquids at this time. This may all go away at any moment. It may take trying several combinations of products but the REWARD is worth it. I hear this a lot from smokers, "we tried those". To which I respond "oh really? you tried this Nalu RDA on an SMY SDNA75?". The answer is usually "well no, we tried a Blu." There are thousands of different combinations of hardware and eliquid. While some are similar, I have found there is something different between all of them. Sometimes that difference is small sometimes quite large.

Do NOT believe that the CIG-A-LIKE  e-Cigarettes in any nor all of the gas stations and convenience stores are all there is. Those aren't even the tip of the iceberg. But they can be a great way to start. If it works then great, stop right there. If it doesn't, then don't give up, Cig-a-likes do not provide the amount of vapor or nicotine hit I was used to getting from a strong cigarette and especially chew. But fear not, the rest of the e-Cigarette products provide a whole lot more. And I quickly found something that is even more satisfying. But the trouble is how to find it. The above is my GUIDE that worked for me based on my tastes and experience. Everyone has their own unique tastes and experience. Let us now talk about the why, what is the reward for switching to vaping?


Feel better, save money, more satisfaction, more considerate, no ashtray smell or film deposits, extend my life, no more getting winded, taste again, and did I mention already MORE SATISFACTION?

Recent polls show that the vast majority of Americans, that is over 200 million people, believe that vaping is just as bad or worse than smoking. Heard that there isn't enough data yet to determine if e-Cigarettes are any better. That one day "they" will find out "it" causes cancer and is just as bad or worse. Or heard that "they" already have. Their minds have already been made up. This is WRONG, and nothing more than a plain dumb blasted lie. I put the information in my web pages that neither side wants you to know. I show how I arrived at my opinions and some of the scientific reports and information along with the reasoning I used here:


That's right. Credible scientific studies have proven even the worst POS e-Cigarette is safer than the best light it up and smoke it real analog cigarette. And the links to that testing are on that page. But there are risks and those risks can be mitigated and nearly eliminated. There is enough independent, crowd source funded, peer reviewed and credible scientific analysis and studies to make this statement. Further, millions of Personal Experiences result in the same. The FDA calls those anecdotes. Well, I sure am glad and proud to be an anecdote.

But perhaps the most important reward next to reduced harm is I actually prefer vaping to smoking or chewing. I literally find vaping MORE satisfying. But it took me a while to find the right combination to get to this point. I tell how I did it above with the hopes that maybe it will help someone avoid the pitfalls I went through. As you can tell from the above, I was into everything tobacco. I smoked cigar, pipe, cigarettes, chewed fine cut, loose leaf and plug, I even snorted tobacco snuff. Most people call Skoal snuff. That is not true. There is a real snuff and it is powdered tobacco that you snort. Nasty though, makes for nasty brown bougars and snot! Truth is I stopped snuff early on because of that but I see it is still available for sale. And keep in mind that chewing and snuff is a harm reduction to combustion all in it's own right. I have not tried Heat Not Burn myself, but it is essentially a vapor solution.

This is my Personal Experience:

1) increased longevity (absence of 1000ís of toxins and dozens of carcinogens found in combusted tobacco smoke and chew tobacco) not only does the science and a Cochrane study prove this but I can feel it. I felt when cigarettes were killing me. I have not felt that since converting to vaping ever.

2) better feeling with no hacking, coughing, out-of-breath, wheezing and can taste and smell again and no worry about mouth, throat or lung cancer, emphysema and etc

3) better environment - friends and family that were sensitive [wheezy, sniffling, red and watering eyes] to just the clinging ashtray smell on my clothes coming inside from smoking outside; have ZERO issues with my use of E-cigarettes EVEN when Iím vaping in a closed room with them.

4) more considerate, neither me nor vehicle nor home has residual smells of any kind from vaping nor ďfilmĒ deposits on anything nor a disgusting spitcup. And exhaled vapor has been analyzed and proven to have no second-hand issues.

5) and cost SAVINGS ($ thousand per year on what I would have spent on cigarettes, pipe tobacco and chew because I moved to DIY e-liquid fairly quickly.

And I am not alone. Millions of vapers have the same personal experience. There is not one single case of a disease occurring in a human due to vaping. That's right, all the headlines about cancer, popcorn lung, COPD and etc and there is not one single actual proof positive case nor will there be IMHO. I just don't see it in the science. That does not mean that e-Cigarettes are risk free. Because there are risks and those might cause harm eventually but I think if I stick to my risk reduction methods I'll be ok. There are also vapers that have posted personal medical reports showing the improvement in their lung function and cholesterol levels.

Make no mistake, e-Cigarettes don't cure anything. If there is already permanent damage then that cannot be undone by any means. I am sure I have some permanent damage. It is my belief all smokers do have some. I do not know what mine is. It has yet to be "symptomatic". So whatever it is, it has not been significant enough to cause symptoms. However it is my belief that switching to vaping will affect that permanent damage that is progressing on it's own accord, far less than if I still smoked. If I were symptomatic and still smoked I would definitely quit. I can and have cold turkeyed before. But that was before e-Cigarettes existed. I would like to believe that if I hadn't found vaping and were still smoking today and was symptomatic, I would give e-Cigarettes a try versus cold turkey. It would not cure me but from my research, I believe it would cause less progression than if I continued to smoke and would not be as difficult to quit smoking as cold turkey or any of the other FDA approved products which have a horrendously low success rate because they do not mimic the hand to mouth inhale exhale behavior; patches, gum, pills, inhalers don't work for me.

My mother and a best friend both had heart attacks in their 50ís related to smoking and both their doctors told them that if they didnít quit smoking they would die. Meaning they would die sooner rather than later. My mother had quintuple bypass surgery. My best friend only had stints. Meaning his heart condition was actually far less worse. My mother did quit and she lived for another 20 years. My best friend didnít quit and he died in a couple months. The difference is my mother quit smoking, but my best friend didnít, itís that simple. I wonder how long he would have lived if he switched to vaping. I wonder what if none of us had smoked but had vaped instead.

Vaping is not as new as it once was. Vaping and e-Cigarettes have been around for over a decade at this point (2017). But it is also true that e-Cigarettes and vaping have come a LONG way. 5th generation. The products today look, feel, perform and indeed use different components than those prior to February 2007.


All except the disposable cig-a-likes which are dead simple pick up and inhale like the BLU and NJOY, the biggest complaints are that e-Cigarettes are too complex.

Well the closed system cig-a-likes are even more simple then a burn stick. You don't have to light them. Just pick up and use. The rechargeable cig-a-likes are as simple I just have to recharge them so instead of lighting them I charge them.

Past that yeah they are more complex. I have to press a button and fill with liquid.

But beyond disposables, at the next level, charging the battery, assemble tank to battery, maybe install a coil cartridge, fill with e-liquid, pick up, press a button and inhale. Whoa now, that has gotten way too complex for some people.

And then the next level, a VV/VW/TC mod, where I have to do all that and adjust a setting by pressing another button or two.

Then next level I have to "build" the atomizer by making my own coil and wicking it.

And then at any level above the disposables, moving into an OPEN SYSTEM I can use DIY e-liquid saving myself thousands.

Then the final level I got into the hobby with programmable software and DIY mods.

The point is, smokers looking to transition can have a very large mine field to traipse through. For transitioning smokers, easy is the place to start. And many never get past that point and that is just peachy. There is a lot to be said about easy.


I provide the information I needed in this website. And there is a mass of knowledge on line from videos on youtube and various reviewers, blogs and manufacturers websites along with news articles, associations and governments. Read it all and form your own opinions. Don't take just mine. I am not an expert at this nor anything else.




All the information contained in these pages are only the opinions of the author and the author is not an expert at anything.