Nicotine Poisoning

Poison center hotline: 1-800-222-1222

There has been at least one reported death of a toddler in December of 2014 in Fort Plain, New York. And believe it or not, there have been reports going as far back as 1994 (before E-cigarettes) of adults dying from nicotine injection either by murder, suicide, or stupidity. Do I really have to say it? DO NOT INJECT anything, certainly not E-Liquid. Do not drink e-Liquid. Keep E-Liquid away from pets and children. Advise all adults not to touch, drink or inject e-Liquid. Be responsible, treat E-Liquid like any other household poison.

E-Liquid poisoning cases are in decline due to education and information and of course the headline news about the unfortunate death of a toddler. E-Liquid poisoning cases has never been as prevalent as other poisoning cases.

E-cigarette Device and Liquid Nicotine Reported Exposures to Poison Centers has declined since 2014. The term "exposure" means someone has had contact with the substance in some way; for example, ingested, inhaled, absorbed by the skin or eyes, etc. Not all exposures are poisonings or overdoses.

E-cigarette and E-Liquid calls are far less than alcohol and tobacco products and nicotine in general is not in the top 10 for ANY age group.

All E-Liquid is now sold in Child Resistant Packaging.

Amount of nicotine to kill varies by many factors. Old estimates say 30-60mg while new estimates say 500-1000mg.

Symptoms of nicotine poisoning can be difficult to distinguish from other ailments as they include nausea, headaches, and diarrhea. If you think you have been poisoned, call the hotline at the top of the page. If you are feeling bad call 911.

I never had the above symptoms but I have had too much kind of like drinking too much coffee. The symptoms I notice when I have had too much nicotine is best described as dizziness, trembling, jitters and increased alertness and cold sweats. The only thing that counteracts it for me is to eat something substantial like a sandwich. But I don't call what I have experienced as poisoning per se, just too much.




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