Myth Busting

There are so many myths that get started about any one topic that I am surprised the human race has advanced as far as we have. And vaping is no exception. Vaping myths were generated before I started vaping, more since then and even more will be generated in the future. And I know from prior experience that I can spend your entire day, every day trying to debunk a single myth and never get it done. Reminds me of a quote from a movie…slaughter them til you rot… I know this section is going to sound preachy and my frustration will be evident. But some soap boxes are worth standing on.

There is also a myth that e-Cigarettes do no stop people from smoking, yet a recent study shows >95% of people that smoked before and now vape do not smoke at all. That is an incredible success rate yet I still hear idiots in Government "Health" positions all over the world and here in the US saying there is no evidence. These are people that vape. But of those that vape, 96.7% do not also smoke. This study did not poll those that tried e-Cigarettes and went back to smoking. Those studies show 60% and others 33%. I can use the CDC data that says there are 40million smokers and 10million vapers and get 25% from that. But whatever study and numbers I use, the e-Cigarette is more effective to quit smoking. And as time goes on, the number of smokers switching to vapers continues to grow. Well lets look at the success rate of Chantix. The real success rate of Chantix is a measly 14%. All other methods are less than 10%, there are many links for the gum, lozenges etc, just google success rate of nicorette etc and I see they all suck at around 8%.



There are health risks associated with smoking other than cancer but folks tend to focus on cancer. I have seen a study recently (reference 18) that says there are some tissue cancers where there is very little evidence of any hereditary or environmental factor. That does not mean that smoking doesn’t increase the risk of cancer. Smoking does in fact increase the risk of cancer.

There is no factual evidence upon careful examination that vaping is worse than smoking. There have been attention grabbing headlines that at first glance evoke ignorant comments like “see there I knew they would find that e-Cigarettes are the same or worse than cigarettes so might as well get cancer from real cigarettes”. The fact is there is no proof linking cancer to e-Cigarettes at this time. The fact is there have been debunked attempts to do so. For example the recent formaldehyde fiasco (reference 19) that shows the dangers of not only drawing incorrect conclusions from bad testing but also using e-Cigarettes incorrectly.

The fact is e-Cigarettes *could be linked to cancer in the future. The fact is aliens *could attack wiping us out. Lots of things *could happen. I prefer to look at probabilities and employ risk reduction. The fact is the risk of bad things from eCigarettes can be reduced by implementing and using risk mitigation correctly.

There is also a myth about second hand vaping. There is no data that shows there is harm from second hand inhalation of e-Cigarette vapor even in a closed room. With that said, it has the appearance of smoke and the ignorant fear it. Not only that but they can smell it. Now we are forced to sit in a room and smell someone’s gut-wrenching, curl my nose hairs, induces hurl vomiting perfume, deodorant or worse but I guess somehow that is ok. I’m sure we all had that experience getting in an elevator and thinking I was going to pass out from the smell of cologne, perfume, booze breath etc. I don’t vape in confined places outside of my home and vehicle out of respect for others. Because I have had that experience. They may not like the smell of vanilla or chocolate. But in my own home and vehicle, I vape as the family likes apple pie, vanilla and chocolate and the vapor does not affect them. In fact 100VG and they smell nothing. And they never have watery eyes or running noses like they get from cigarette smoke. And I do it because I know there is no harm to them. Now the wife, she goes outside to smoke because that does bother family members and pets and does pose a risk. As in teary watery eyes and the cats get a weird facial expression running away. And the cigarette smoke does coat all surfaces leaving a foul stench forever. Not to mention the ash tray smell and second hand smoke health issues or how the smoking stench clings to my clothes. Vaping does none of that. I have been vaping for three years in this house and it does not smell of any flavor at all whatsoever. And the cats don’t mind it at all. Both of them sitting here in my lap as I vape and write this. But they do mind smoking and we don't smoke in the house but we have had the occasional accident with guests.

I used to like to go on cruises. But sitting on the lido deck out in the open and I have to go to the smoking area to vape. And now, they have banned vaping in the cabin or balcony. Consequently, we have ceased cruising. Now I understand there are those inconsiderate idiots that billow megawatts of vapor obstructing everyone’s vision in a three state radius just because they can. And that has poisoned the well not only for them but the rest of us as well. I would like to take this opportunity to say congratulations morons. While I am considerate, others are not and it is quite apparent that the myth of second hand vaping is alive and well and there are some vapers that are helping that right along. Don’t be one of those idiots.

There are gobs of technical myths. I will try to annotate some of those here as they really get my head shaking as time goes on.

Temperature Control

Temperature Control is difficult or is only for more advanced vapers. No it is not. I have to do two things, set the temperature I want, tell it what wire I am using.

Temperature Control doesn't work or ruined my atty/cartridges/builds. No it didn't. It's because there was a loose screw or connection or was set incorrectly.

Temperature Control is expensive. There are plenty of TC APVs out there for less than some VV/VW/mech mods.

Vapin Donuts

You can’t use vapin donuts in a tank. Seriously I heard a supposed ‘legit’ vaping gear reviewer with thousands of followers on boobtube and twit r’s. I am not going to name him and some of his reviews are barely passable but I don’t have to have several high level degrees to at least know the basics. A clue is when a video review includes coprophilia or flatulence they probably aren't the sharpest tool in the shed. While beavis and butthead may be comical, I really wouldn’t trust a review of anything from them.

They use lead based solder. They do not. You can glow them orange to clean them, thats a 1000F, solder melts way below that.

They are difficult to wick. No they are not. I have used them in single and dual coil attys and have wicked them with cotton and rayon.

They explode and embed in walls. I can pop and melt wires or explode any ceramic heating element by hitting it with too much power. What is idiotic about this is the total and complete lack of basic understanding. Hit anything with too much energy and it goes poof. Duh.

Here is the truth on vapin donuts. They work. They started a revolution. We now have ceramic chips like the Altus by Guo and ceramic tubes like the Krixus, Starre, cCell and many more to come. The donuts and many of the other ceramics use Tungsten and can be used with TC APVs that allow me to set the TCR. The exception being those like the Vaporesso cCells that can be either Ni200 or Kanthal. And as with all ceramic heating elements and wicks, there is a total lack of scientific data on vapor from them.

Another so called ‘legit’ reviewer with lots of followers called a particular tank a huge behemoth when in fact it was no longer than most, only a couple millimeters wider and I have two twice its length and 150% its diameter sitting on the vape cabinet that I can see while watching his video. And I won’t name him either.

Silica wick is ceramic. No it is not. Silica wicking is fiber glass. Not insulation fiberglass but literally hundreds of tiny SiO2 silicon dioxide glass fibers. SiO2 is used for windows, water glasses, fiber optics and is also found naturally as quartz. Ceramics and glazes contain SiO2…along with a lot of other minerals. It is like saying brass is copper. No it is not. Brass contains copper but the two materials are very different, have very different properties and applications. Just like ceramics and Silica. While I have no problems with the thermal, chemical and mechanical properties of ceramics, I do have concerns with the mechanical properties of fiber glass.

eLiquid must reach its boiling point before vapor is produced. No and in fact both PG and VG decompose at a temperature lower than their boiling points. Liquids are evaporating all the time, and more with higher temperature. Surely everyone has seen a fog right? Did that water vapor occur at the boiling point of water? LOL There is such a thing as dew point. And lastly people believe that the temperature of a build will never exceed the boiling point of eLiquid. Also complete utter Bovine Stool.

You can't use Ohms Law on a DC to DC converter (buck, boost or both). Also completely wrong. It's called black box analysis. Invoke the Conservation of Energy Law. Power in must equal Power out + Power Loss. Forget claims of 98% efficiency, those are only at specific conditions. Try 10% for a more reasonable analysis. So if the atty is .1ohms and you want 100Watts in the atty, then that is 110W in. At 11V on a Lipo that is 10A.

So many more...I'll add as a particular button is pushed.




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