All e-Liquid is required to be packaged in certified Child Resistant Packaging which is a good thing, but did not come from the Deeming Regulation. This is required by the Child Nicotine Poisoning Prevention Act of 2015 that went into effect on 26 July 2016. The truth is CRP should have been the norm from day one. In general vape shops did a decent job of self regulating and policing but this is one example where the industry failed miserably.

No sale to minors, which is a good thing, is in the Deeming Regulation law. Prior to that, 48 states had their own no sale to minors laws so this shouldn’t be new. This is an example where the industry did a great job of self regulating. Out of thousands of vape shops investigated this year, the list of warnings is quite low.

As is said throughout this website Nicotine is addictive and a dangerous poison harming fetus in pregnant women and the brain development of adolescents. I do not advocate anyone getting addicted to nicotine. But if you are, then at least e-Cigarettes can save you from the 1000s of toxins and dozens of carcinogens found in cigarette smoke.

Now, there are studies that supposedly show that vaping is a gateway to smoking for youth. This is not the case. I have reviewed that study and they draw that conclusion from base and follow on year questions that you cannot draw that conclusion from. The question in the base year was similar to do you eat apples. The follow on year question was do you eat oranges. Therefore eating apples is a gateway to oranges.

The truth is teenagers are naturally inquisitive. I do not buy into fruit and candy flavors being attractive to youth. Adults like those flavors too and those flavors help keep adults off smoking. And anyone who has ever quite understands about the candy. Further, I like those flavors and I am over the hill. I do however believe that marketing/advertisements, packaging and labeling could be more professional. Instead of trying to sell a product with sex lies and videotape, perhaps the industry would have been better served if the advertisements and commercials stuck to adults finding a safer way to satisfy the nicotine addiction and behavior habit while acknowledging nicotine is addictive and dangerous. But Noooooo, some of the ads I have seen are just as ridiculous as the old cigarette commercials. So yeah, those need to be banned. Complete dumbasses and why I boycott certain e-Cigarette products. We don't need IP ripoffs and packaging that looks like hand grenades, cartoons and drink pouches or fruit juice boxes. A simple professional looking signature logo is sufficient.

Further, no one wants their children to vape, smoke or do drugs. But if they are not going to mind and are going to be bad, which would I rather found out they did? The safer e-Cigarette? Unfortunately come 201822 the safer e-Cigarette will be banned and the killing cigarette is still legal and available.

Now I ask how do they get them if they are not legally sold to minors? Well first, how do they get illegal drugs? Second Alcohol and tobacco is the most prevalent in households. There are 40 million smokers and over 200 million imbibers but only 10 million vapers. Kids are 4:1 more likely to get cigarettes and 20:1 more likely to get alcohol. They get them from home. Which would you rather keep at home?

Banning e-Cigarettes do not save childrens lives. Banning cigarettes would. But then so would banning alcohol but we have been there before haven't we? Banning e-Cigarettes, the current state of affairs makes zero sense.





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