How to save $100s

Look for "My Top Now" link on the left hand side under "Additional" on every vapers friend Phil Busardo's website. I can't argue with his recommendations as I am nearly always in agreement with him and not far off on those rare occasions. Some day I hope to meet him and thank him personally for all he and Dimitris have done for the vaping world. By following his recommendations I saved hundreds that would have been wasted on crap I didn't need.

At the time of this writing, a good Temperature Control Advanced Personal Vaporizer (TC APV) goes for $40 with two batteries for $18 and charger for $11 and a quality Rebuildable Atomizer for $11 for a total of  $80 US Dollars. No, you do not need TC to start with, but it doesnt hurt either, read this page if you are unfamiliar and just starting out.

Supplies to rebuild the atomizer are a lifetime supply of Rayon wicking for $15 US Dollars and a 100ft spool of 28 gauge Ni200 for $10 US Dollars.

Added up that is right at $105 US Dollars.

And right now I can find e-Liquid for 12.5c per milliliter(ml). Vaping 4ml a day for three months would be $45 US Dollars.

So, for $150 US Dollars I had the equipment and supplies to last for years and enough e-Liquid to last for 3 months.

Compare that to cigarettes at say $30 a carton and smoking a pack a day. In 3 months I would have spent $270.

By going with the e-Cigarette I saved $120 US Dollars in the first 3 months.

Then every month after that for years, I saved $75 US Dollars PER MONTH.

That's $795 in the first year then $900 US Dollars every year there after.

Couple that with the DIY eLiquid supplies and tools I saved thousands.

II use about 6 inches per build (conservative – a lot of waste but easier) so that’s 200 builds. I find a rebuild using a TP APV is needed every three months. And that box of wicking will last me a lifetime.


TC mod - I shopped around for best prices, there are tons going on clearance all the time.

Two rechargeable batteries from IMRbatteries.

18650 Li-Ion Charger from IMRbatteries.

Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer from FASTTECH.

Rayon from Sallys Beauty Supply.

Nickel Wire from Kidney Puncher.

My Total when I bought was: $105 US Dollars


e-Liquid from ejuicevapor for $45.


Ok some notes are in order. Let's get the easy one out of the way. Fifteen dollar e-Liquid has become a thing since 8.8.2016 and the deeming regulation. It may not last but you can find 120ml e-Liquid normally from $20-$40. So shop around.

In general there are lots of choices and these links and their prices are probably going to change before I get around to editing this page but they are valid as of right now. If you can't find them, then shop around and use your google-fu. I post these here as examples for saving money.




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