How to save $1000s

For $150 US dollars I can get the concentrated nicotine VG and straight VG to last for three years and tools that last forever. I calculate at a pack a day that would have been at least 110 cartons! At $30 a carton that would have been close to $3000 US Dollars.

At 4milliliter (ml) per day e-Liquid consumption and 365 days in a year that is 1460ml per year.

At 20milligram (mg) per ml nicotine strength that is 29,200mg of nicotine per year.

A one liter (1000ml) bottle of 100mg/ml concentrated nicotine base contains 100,000mg of nicotine.

That one liter bottle lasted me for 3+ years.

I added non-nicotine (straight) VG to lower the nicotine concentration from 100mg/ml to 20mg/ml so bought 4 liters (4000ml) of USP grade straight VG.

So 1000ml of 100mg/ml concentrated nicotine VG base goes for $110 and one gallon (close to 4 liters) of USP grade straight VG goes for $25.

That is $135 US Dollars.

Add a $10 graduated cylinder which is the only tool I needed and $5 for a concentrated flavoring for a grand total of less than $150 US Dollars.

Compared to $3 GRAND in cigarettes.

There is my savings.

I can make my own e-Liquid for 3c a milliliter. Compare that to store bought at anywhere from 30c to 1 dollar per milliliter. A factor of 10 times or 1000% to 33 times or 33,000%.

This is no joke. This is why I call the e-Liquid business insanely lucrative! Yes they have to pay advertising, packaging, taxes, cost of doing business etc, but that does not equate to 1000%.

Now I did save $100s by just using pre-made store bought eLiquid initially. But the quicker I got into DIY eLiquid, the more money I saved in the long run.

A one stop shop for all I needed was Wizard Labs. There are other sources for the cylinder and straight VG  e.g. from Amazon and concentrated base from

DIY eLiquid is something I needed to do to prepare for the vaporpocalypse anyways.



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