How does an eCigarette work?

The pictures below are an example of a Rebuildable Atomizer, specifically a Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA) called the Kayfun. Many atomizers are based on the Kayfun "build" deck design. The Kayfun is the face that launched a thousand ships with respect to RTAs.

Inside the Kayfun is a "build" shown in the picture above right. A build consists of a heating element and a wick. In this example, the heating element is a coil of wire. This is where the vapor is produced. The most accurate term is vaporizer but somehow they became universally known as atomizers. This term is not technically accurate. The atomizer does not reduce the eLiquid to atoms. The atomizer heats the eLiquid in the wick so it becomes a gaseous state. I guess at that point you could call it eVapor. But there is a right way and a wrong way to do this. We will learn throughout this site what they are, how to recognize it and how to assess and minimize the risks.

The green, blue and black boxes in the pictures below are examples of Temperature Control (TC) box "mods". The green one is a DNA40 Do-It-Yourself (DIY) box mod similar to a "Hana style" with a Kayfun atomizer attached that has both the pyrex tank and top fill modifications and a long 70mm "drip tip". The Blue one is an SX Mini M-Class that has a silicone sleeve with a glass tank clone version of the Hurricane atomizer. The Black one is an SX Mini M-Class with a Taifun GTII-S atomizer.

The mod provides electrical power through a connector to the build in the atomizer. As the coil heats up from applied electricity, the eLiquid in the wick is vaporized. You press the "fire" button and inhale through the "drip tip".

All eCigarettes regardless of form operate the same way. They all have a build in an atomizer that contains eLiquid and are driven by an electrical power source.

The mod can be:

Single Voltage (SV) / Fixed Voltage (FV) like the eGO or mechanical mod or "mech" mod. Whatever the battery voltage is (and it changes with use) is applied directly to the atomizer/build. Your only control is the resistance of the build measured and stated in units of Ohms.

Variable Voltage (VV) such as the "eGO Twist" or "eGO Spinner". The vaper (a vaper is the person vaping an eCigarette that produces vapor) adjusts the voltage being applied to the atomizer/build and is expressed in units of Volts.

Variable Wattage (VW) has circuitry that constantly reads the resistance of the wire and automatically changes the voltage applied to the atomizer to maintain a constant amount of power delivered to the atomizer/build. The vaper adjusts the power level expressed in units of Watts. Note: some Chinese mods (e.g. the SX Mini M-Class that uses the Yihi SX350J chip/board) use Joules instead but that is incorrect usage of the term, it is actually Watts.

Temperature Controlled (TC). A Temperature Control mod is the most intelligent form of eCigarette available today. The TC circuitry automatically changes the power delivered to the atomizer/build to maintain the heating element at a set temperature expressed in units of degrees Celsius or degrees Fahrenheit.

Below is a picture of a DIY Mod based on the DNA200 temperature control board. You can clearly see the Lithium Polymer (Lipo) battery pack, circuit board or "chip" and bottom of the female "510" connector (male 510 connector is on the atomizer), the attached Taifun atomizer and plastic buttons.

This is what is known as a TC APV or Temperature Controlled Advanced Personal Vaporizer, a.k.a an eCigarette.



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