Gateway To Smoking For Youth

The report is difficult to find in full text that delineates the questions they asked but you can find it. Though I won't post it here for copyright reasons. You will have to pay to get access. Search for it in google with "eCigarettes gateway to smoking".

In this study the so called "researchers" ask kids in the baseline year if they vaped. Then in the next year they asked if they smoked. From that these morons concluded that eCigarettes/vaping is a gateway to smoking for youth.

I saw the fallacy in that right away.

I am going to conduct a study at a school. This year I am going to ask if you eat apples. Then next year I am going to ask if you eat oranges. My conclusion is of course is that eating apples is a gateway to eating oranges for youth.

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Now some may think no they didn't do that. How stupid could they be? Well truth is stranger than fiction. I don't believe they are that stupid. But they believe we are. They know the average person wouldn't bother to read the study in detail and just take the sensationalistic headline grabber. They know who butters their bread. They know where their funding comes from for their next paycheck. And they even admitted they can't make that extrapolation and repeated the same blunders in the follow on "new" study.

They are worse than morons. They are evil. Corrupt. Child Murderers. May the Lord Almighty have mercy on their souls. Cigarettes kill faster than e-cigarettes for sure and certain, if e-cigarettes kill at all and that is seriously in doubt.

The truth is kids are inquisitive. Vaping sales have been prohibited to minors like cigarettes, and alcohol for a long time. Yet somehow they all get their hands on that stuff even when we tell them not to. So now that you know the truth that vaping is far safer than smoking, which would I rather they experiment with? Wouldn't I rather cigarettes were banned instead of e-cigarettes?


We all agree that kids should not use nicotine, alcohol nor illegal drugs. BUT THEY DO. Continuing to educate them about the dangers is key. Still if they are bound and determined to be bad for all the pleading and education then can we at least try to manage the limitations and take smoking cigarettes off the table instead of the safer e-cigarette?

The truth is cigarettes and alcohol are easier to get than vaping gear and supplies. Easy to figure out, what do most adults have at home that kids can get their hands on? There are 40million smokers, 280million imbibers but only 10million vapers. Kids have a 28:1 better chance of getting alcohol and a 4:1 better chance of getting a real light it up and smoke it cigarette.

Now e-cigarette use is on the rise with teens. Partly fad, maybe sex lies and politics, ads induced, or maybe...they know it's safer.

An adult thing they can do and be rebellious and NOT kill themselves in the process. They ain't stupid ya know. Kids see through the corrupt headlines and the big pharma conspiracy better than adults.

Now with that said, I want everyone reading this to understand. Nicotine harms brain development when you are under the age of 18 for most and for some up to 21-24 years of age. It is true. Regardless of how you get that nicotine. So I am by no means proposing legalized sale of e-cigarettes to minors. What I am saying is limiting harmful choices to less harmful ones is a good idea. No I don't want anyone to get addicted to nicotine. Of any age. But it's going to happen. Do you want the nicotine addiction with the tar and thousands of toxins and carcinogens or vaping an e-cigarette, the worst of which may have a few toxins all of which are far lower in quantity?

People that believe vaping is a gateway to smoking for teens have obviously never smoked and vaped before. Also, there are zero data points on kids that vape zero nicotine and I know they exist.

The most dangerous gateway to bad things on the planet has been and as far as I can see will be alcohol. In fact, alcohol like nicotine is a poison but what you may not know is that it harms brains and bodies of people at all ages, does more harm than nicotine, more addictive than nicotine and has this really persnickety feature of being THE gateway to everything else bad.

Not freaking e-cigs folks.

I don't care how many bought and paid for corrupt political appointees, self or media proclaimed gurus, nor all the titles and names in the Federal Government including the Surgeon General claiming e-cigarettes are a gateway to smoking for kids it simply is a bold faced lie and I can and have picked their so called "studies" apart with just a casual glance.




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