I expect the future of e-cigarettes and vaping, assuming the deeming reg gets repealed, will belong to non-heat vaporizers. Technology already exists for these we just haven't spent the development time. I can see three different basic science approaches, ultrasound, pressurized, and venturi/vortex. I have basic sketches for all three though I sure would like to find someone that can 3d model so we could 3d print some prototypes of the venturi design.

Like most others I do get contacted by industry looking for ideas but they can't seem to break out of the current science approaches using heat. Which is ok it works well.

As far as atomizers I did have a company that made a tank based on my recommendations. It has positive juice flow control with a seal that closed when you screwed it off and opened when you screwed it on, which off course you could turn off the juice flow without unscrewing it. It also has top air ports above the tank so even if juice does get into the bottom, below the coil cartridge, it would not leak out. And top fill, screw-on, not slide as they can be problematic as they loosen with time. Ducting inside the chimney directed the air down to the bottom, below a vertical coil cartridge. I was working on a vertical RBA with them when they decided not to go into production. I still have the prototype. IMHO it is the best glassomizer ever built. It had too little airflow according to them. I thought it was great. A lot more open than your typical MTL like a Kayfun but not as open as a typical glassomizer like a UWELL Crown. Great flavor density. Would have been a great leakproof tank for a transitioning smoker with easy to replace coil cartridges that would serve them well as they also transitioned into rebuilding and a more open draw if they wanted too as is typical of most.

That pretty much ended my dealings with industry. Just when you get the perfect setup, they decide not to go into production. I wish that was the first time I worked on a project that was wildly successful and got canned. But it wasn't. And I was giving all my advice for free, didn't want anything in return. They haven't asked for their prototype back but if they want it, I'll send it back. I doubt they ever will. I just can't believe they went to all that trouble of making a prototype and then...nothing. Boggles my mind.

I also made a prototype myself, of a mech mod. As in purely mechanical, no batteries, no wires, no electricity. It doesn't work as I want because I am having problems finding the correct valve and seals. Not a high priority right now but I will probably mess with it again in the future.




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