Electrical Ping Timing is only used in the Hohm Tech G2 for Kanthal and Nichrome wire types at the moment. I think it is a fascinating technology. The idea is that ping times change when wires are heated. This has nothing to do with TCR. I have noticed with the G2 it works only when the wick is wet. So it may have more to do with liquid than temperature. At the moment, the G2 isn't a true temperature control where you can set a temperature and expect the coil to be at or close to that temperature and it is finicky giving a different vape experience every time I pick it up requiring me to adjust the temperature setting. Here is the explanation from Hohm Tech:

1. EPT: Electrical Ping Timing - As the coils are heated, it is pinged (just like using the internet or when an officer using radar gun). The amount of time it takes for it to get from point A (starting line) to point B (finish line), determines a value. As metal gets hotter, the ping timing changes (in case of the radar gun, means you're traveling at X value speed).

2. Psycoil - this feature is designed to read the gauge wire(s) within a build. It does this by reading the volume and level of current applied to coils. It takes the collective fluctuation of volts/watts to the 1000th position, and pools this information together and compared to EPT values. This results in delivering precise volt/watts to the 1000th position. Future updates will further fine tune and go to 10,000th position of accuracy.

3. Ohm H/L Spread - using resistance spread (basic values of ohm change as metal heats). This spread is calibrated to pull back once coil(s) achieve any value outside of ohm spread as a safety measure to reduce risk of cotton burn.
All 3 values are used to determine and evaluate temperature and aim to prevent cotton burn. Kanthal is without a doubt the most complex of them due to its tremendous sensitivity, but very doable. We'll continue improvements as time progresses."

I find the G2 will limit but not accurate and not repeatable. So I cannot call it true temperature control at the moment.

If Hohm Tech gets this working right, this could be a good thing for all wire types.






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