There are only two ePipes I like. The Joyetech Elitar and Smok Guardian III which both have Temperature Control. The Smok Guardian II is Variable Wattage Only. I have all three and I love the Guardian III, and Elitar. Either are good for a beginner but the Guardian III kit is also a good fit for an experienced or advanced vaper. Pictured below is the GII on top and the GIII and the Elitar on the bottom. Note the drip tips on the Guardians are not stock, I picked those up separately. They all come with a shorty like the Elitar. Note the GII did not come with an atomizer and you can buy the GIII and Elitar that way as well. I like the Elitar for it's small compact frame and light weight. The GIII is a pleasing to the eye pipe is heavier and more substantial in the hand. The Elitar comes in many colors. If you order the GIII buy itself it will come with a white and black silicone sleeve though those do not come in the kit with the atomizer. I like the wooden color and pattern of the GII and the wooden Elitar isn't bad but only it's atomizer looks synchronous on it though I can use any 510 atty on any of these mods. The black Elitar has a nice matte finish that isn't as big a fingerprint magnet as the G3 or G2 and of course fingerprints don't stand out as much on the GII or wooden Elitar. Both the G3 and Elitar have user selectable and settable TCR modes and out of the box they both handle TI, NI and SS316.

The GIII kit comes with a micro TFV4 glassomizer. It will accommodate the TFV4 Micro R1 or R2 RBA. The R1 is nice as it is single coil without worry of trying to balance a dual coil. Both are available separately. The GIII has Bluetooth for monitoring and some settings through a phone or tablet. The Elitar also has an RBA available separately called the BF RBA.

The single button on the backside for the GIII vice the top button and dial for the GII is used to access the menu and to fire the GIII. The top of the GIII is an OLED display.

The Elitar has a fire button and + and - buttons with the Fire button on the backside like the GIII and with the + and - buttons on top with the OLED display.

The GIII and Elitar supports 75W and uses a 20-25A continuous draw 18650 battery vice an 18350 for the GII at 15W.

The GIII and Elitar can be vaped like a pipe or any other single battery TC mod.

The kits come with everything you need except for eLiquid and an 18650 battery. The Sony VTC5A works great in the Elitar and GIII and is available at imrbatteries a trusted battery vendor.

The kits do not come with a pipe style drip tip shown in my pictures above. And they can be hard to find at reasonable prices. That link will take you to Fasttech based out of China and no they are not fast. Actually shipping is the problem mostly but if Fasttech does not have them in stock then that can be a long wait as well. But have no fear, you can endure the standard drip tip that comes with the kit until you find something better.





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