There are many e-cigars that look and feel and get close to approximating the taste of a real light it up and smoke it cigar. SO if that is a form factor you are interested in then you have many options. Leaders in this product line include Veppo and Aristo. These come in rechargeable, rechargeable and refillable, and disposable. A disposable is obvious, use it till it quits then through it out. A rechargeable allows you to recharge the battery but uses disposable cartridges that have the atomizer - coil, wick and eliquid. The best today uses both a rechargeable battery section and a refillable atomizer section, see the Aristo Executive.

I went for an inexpensive rechargeable knowing that given my skills, I can take the disposable atomizer apart and refill it and probably even use parts of a used up atomizer section and make a meant to be refillable atomizer section. But that is not for everyone. However, if you have confidence in your skills at modding, look for these: ISMK Rechargeable Electronic Cigar Kit UR-Cigar

These are cheap and readily available. However none of the options above use Variable Wattage control or Temperature Control. For that I would suggest a tube mod and wrap it with real tobacco leaf or even paper that looks like tobacco leaf. For example the EHPRO 101Pro or 101D pictured above next to the ISMK UR-Cigar. There are shorter atomizers and the 101D has a tube extension that can be used to shorten it for use with an 18350 battery vice the 18650. The 101Pro is just as long but cannot be shortened, however it is larger in diameter as it sports the 21700. Both the 101D and 101Pro have VW and TC. The 101D does have an annoying "feature" where it shuts itself off after 20minutes of non-use required 5 clicks to wake it back up before you can vape, which is thankfully absent on the 101Pro.

And so now you know why I like tube mods, they approximate a cigar. On the UR-Cigar and the other e-cigars above all you have to do is inhale. On the tube mods, you have to press the fire button and inhale. Wrap that 101D with some tobaco looking paper and voila an e-cigar. Also note the e-cigars have an end that lights up when you inhale for the look of a real cigar flaring up, absent on any TC tube mod.

For cigarellos like the swisher sweet, smaller tube mods that are VV can be used, such as the EGO, Joye eroll mac, or the VW Innokin Jem Pen etc. The Jem pen stands out to me as it is 16mm in diameter and 130mm long, is CW, refillable and uses replaceable coil/wick cartridges. And it's Innokin. Yes I like Innokin, they do a great job. Never a bad smell out of the box meaning they do excellent at cleanliness post manufacture and their packaging is outstanding. 16mm is ~5/8". CW is constant Wattage and at 13W, that's perfect for simulating a cigarello.

If you can stand 19mm diameter, the Joyetech eGo AIO comes in wood. Now it doesn't sport VW or VV it is essentially a direct output with some battery protection built in for undercharge etc. However it does use the Joyetech BF coils that have been around forever and you can use the BF RBA section. In other words, user replaceable pre-manufactured coils or use the rebuildable section and do your own wick/coil builds. Plus it's refillable and the battery is internal, so no need to buy an optional battery nor remove to charge.

I hope this gives you an idea of the many options available to approximate the experience of a cigar.




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