DIY is not for everyone. We still need easy cheap off the shelf solutions that are G2G or RTR or whatever term you are used to using for those that don't like DIY and smokers thinking about converting. A lot of people don't want to make their own coil and wick builds let alone mix their own e-liquid let alone make their own mod. This is not for them. This is for the tinkerers that like to experiment and make things. This is also for the day when the SHTF and everything e-cigarette, already illegal, gets enforced and banned.

The first two electronic board designs are based on a DC to DC converter. In fact both use two DC to DC converters. One is a dedicated, high-efficiency and low draw quiescent converter providing 5V at up to 1A for the circuitry, while the other converter is dedicated to high power and current needed for the primary load. The second converter in both designs operates at a switch frequency of 1MHz.

The first concept I will post up is a DIY e-cigarette design based on an Arduino microcontroller.

The second concept is a DIY e-cigarette design that is Variable Voltage only. It does not use a microprocessor. But it does use feedback from the output voltage. The control is completely analog. I also show a method to make a potentiometer that does not depend on a mechanical wiper that are known to get scratchy and eventually fail. This method will last as long as an LED, 10,000-100,000 hours of continued operation just depending on the LED and forward bias current selected.

The third concept is a DIY anywireTC. In other words it does not use TCR for temperature control. These designs leverage the above designs. There is one for digital temperature control and one for analog. Both use IR from the atomizer coil to control the main DC to DC converter.

If this interests you at all, then download all the files now and "pigeon hole" them because the day may come when I take it all down, maybe even this entire website and my youtube videos.

Here are a couple very important general notes:

I have not built these. I hope to someday. I do not guarantee they are bug free. All I guarantee is that I tried my best. But I always need to make a prototype first to find the flaws and I have not done that so expect some flaws.

I provide the part numbers to make it easier to find and download the datasheets for the various components to verify pin-out's, footprints, and electrical specifications.



I have many other designs that I have been working on. This is kinda my thing. This is what I enjoy doing. And now that I am retired, I have the time to do what I enjoy. I may work on those and post those on separate pages. But just so you know I have plans drawn up that make simple mech mods from PVC pipe, wood dowel, bolts, soft PE bottles and romex using the minimum set of tools; cordless or hand drill, simple miter saw, drill, hell even a soldering gun is optional. And I have plans that require specialized tools like kilns and thin aluminum molds, hell even one that works off of compressed air. I may or may not post those or even make them. If there is any interest or I get the bug then maybe I will.




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