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Only vaping the two 101Pros with the 24mm Silverplay RTA, one silver one blue, two Z-Biips, one green shine the other blue shine, and a Zlide on an old Hohmtech Slice, both blue. The Z-Biips are simply awesome and my major goto vapes and that folks is simply amazing given the choices I have at my disposal. I have prepared a video about the 24mm Silverplays, awesome RTAs, variants of the Taifun GT/Hurricane type of build deck but much better and with better features. Only problem may be the screws but I have used 26G SS Clapton and 26G Ni200 without any issues. After I touch up a missing segment for the video, I'll post it up on youtube. Highly recommend the Z-Biip for everyone, both experienced and noob. The 24mm Silverplays at VaporDNA are steals. Git yerself one or four. Easy to wick, release vacuum lock, build, refill, supports huge single coils, awesome flavor density and performance.

So if you are looking for the convenience and ease to use device that's smaller than a pack of smokes, has great MTL flavor density and will last all day, get the All In One Z-Biip.

If you like a tube mod and rebuilding DIY your own coils, get the 24mm Silverplay RTA for a great MTL to near DTL or the 24mm Dvarw clone for DTL.

If you like a box mod, you can't go wrong putting the MTL Zlide on anything.


I am still vaping the 101D and the Blue 101Pro but a silver 101Pro model I got off ebay from Dan The Man (vaper on youtube) with a modified Dvarw. Modification video on youtube. But I am really enjoying the Innokin Z platform Biip or Z-Biip.

I highly recommend the Z-Biip to smokers first transistioning.


My package from Fasttech arrived on time and the EHPRO 101 Pro is a definite winner. Here is a pic of it next to the Fuchai 213 Squonk.

It seems reviewers on youtube missed our biggest concern. Well I have posted a firstlook on youtube in response to this travesty.

The 101 or 101D kit was good with one exception, and it is an aggravating one, the autoshutoff with no way to fix it. Well the autoshutoff has been fixed on this 101pro. It sat all night and did not shutoff. With that said, there is again no SW update port which is OK IMHO. The one button operation is more difficult to use than a three or even four button mod. However it does make the mod very sleek. Very nicely done SW for a one button mod IMHO. If you are use to the 101/D then there will be a zero learning curve. It is lacking one mode, just like it's predecessor, that I look for in a TC mod and that is a user settable TCR. However, the three TC modes present, Ni, Ti, and SS get me by. I use other metals and compensate for the temperature manually, e.g. NiFeThal run in NI but adjust temp down a bit, ceramic/tungsten run in Ti and adjust temp down a bit, 403SS run in SS mode which is of course optimized for 316L. I really don't care about extraneous BS like puff counters so gladly that trash is missing, with the exception of a bypass mode which is present. I would gladly trade bypass mode for a manual TCR mode. This kit does come with the Lock RDA which uses Notch coils (5x12mm) or regular wire. It also comes with a squonk pin if you wish to use the RDA on a squonk mod. The RDA does have fairly deep juice wells and the air intakes are elevated to help prevent leaking. I'm not a dripper fan but this RDA is fairly nice. A lot of attys today come with mouth prices that are too short and this is no exception, be ready to "lip" the SS by accident...a lot. I am a sucker for the blue cobalt look and this is the best in my collection. However, the 25-22mm adapter ring is just silver. I am at least glad they didn't make it gold as that would really suck. But still I really would have liked the ring to be colored the same as the mod. The best improvement IMHO is the design change to accommodate the 21700. I am very grateful for that. I like the Golisi S35s as I use them in other mods, and it is functioning flawlessly with this 101pro.The battery cap is a threaded screw on design which I like, however the threads can be a little "scratchy". Still it works as it should. The button is satisfying, protrudes a little with an audible but subdued click and a nice tactile feel. There is no button rattle. Some had the buttons on their 101/D rattle although mine never did. The 510 seems solid and running a 24ga UD316SS build of 8 4mm loops in SS mode has been flawless as erll as the notch coils. I use calibrate init between switching builds making sure the atomizer is at room temp and I just inserted the battery. I have had several tube mods since the VAMO, seven-30 sigeli etc. But this one is by far my favorite of all. It looks beautiful, performs well and doesn't have any aggravating ticks. Time to let the 101/D's go. With that said, I did push in the 510 center pin on the pro by attaching an atomizer whose center pin stuck out farther than the Lock RDA.  In fact the 510 center pin in the mod is fixed so the entire assembly in the mod got pushed. I fixed this by taking a piece of 1/2" PVC and sticking it in the battery compartment, taking off the atomizer and sitting the head of the mod on the floor and pressing down on the PVC. I used a tube so as not to press on the spring loaded positive battery post inside the battery compartment. That entire assembly inside the mod near the top gets pushed ever so slightly.


My package from Fasttech was unusually slow, as in slower than usually slow. I should have posted this last month but the package got turned back in Hong Kong for "security reasons" only to be resent from China via the standard ol EMS. No batteries, no liquids, nothing weird just SS, glass and plastic as usual. So much for the new faster shipping method, it was actually 1 month slower.


So I do not understand the proliferation of 18650 mods at this point. I really don't. Useless given 20700/21700. The GTRS VBOY 222W TC VW APV Box Mod with TWO Golisi S35s is beyond awesome for run time longevity. I have been puffing on this thing for a couple days now and still don't need to recharge the batteries yet. I am running the Digiflavor Siren 2 GTA with NifeThal48 at a TCR of .004 and 360F with a ten wrap 7mm ID coil and rayon. My only complaint is the VBOY fire button is too stiff. It's gonna give me carpel tunnel. As it is, sometimes it locks (3 clicks to unlock) because my thumb isn't as strong as it used to be with this damned old arthur. Which is odd because some have complained that it is too light and the button sticks. Well no way mine can stick with such a stiff spring. Also is it is fairly rugged I have dropped it with that big and tall Siren 2 on there and nothing broke, 510 is still very secure, hasn't budged. I mention that because I have seen a review that said their 510 was loose. I can only guess that I got a more recent manufacture and they have fixed those early issues. Tech tip on TC with the Vboy, press and hold the MENU button for 5 seconds to set resistance baseline. The TC on this has been flawless. I really appreciate the manual TC mode so I can run my alternate wire materials (Nifethal).

There is something to like about each one of these but I can honestly say I find myself reaching for VBOY and the Fuchai. The vboy and the captain have the best staying power, longevity with dual 21700 and 20700 respectively. But the TC on the captain is not smooth not accurate. And there is no TC on the Capo. In contrast the Fuchai and VBOY TC is smooth, accurate and repeatable easily making these two my favorite reach fors.

The VBOY does suffer from fingerprintitis on the front shiny plastic surface. But really the only "problem" I have had is the overly stiff firing button. It definitely will never stick though. The bottle on the Fuchai can be a little difficult to refill due to the metal cap and fine threads. I find myself pinching the bottle making eliquid dribble out when I'm tightening the top cap. But these are minor issues given their top TC performance and vape enjoyment.


The Fuchai 213 (150W) Squonk with a Golisi S35 21700 is really rockin for a single battery squonker, far better than the 20700 Capo Squonk. The Fuchai and the Captain have consistently been my go to mods for a while now. This is due to the taste, consistency and longevity of vape. A dual 21700 squonk would be awesome.


I really like the MESH idea and so far the Ceto and Vandy Vape (VV) Mesh are my favorites. The BT works well except that it is too big for most situations and it has air holes where they aren't needed. The Ceto corrects both of these problems. The unique deck of the VV Mesh works as well as the Ceto. I have tried the VV 316 and Nickel meshes and find that under temp control they aren't entirely accurate but with a good stable mod you can compensate for them. The Kanthal mesh works just like a non-TC VW mode wire build. The G2 obviously can't handle temp control of the Kanthal mesh on the VV. I think the biggest difference between the Ceto and VV is the VV is just a tad shorter and looks really good on a squonk mod. The VV does come with a drip tip adapter and squonk pin just like the Ceto. So you really can't go wrong with either. Now I know most folks are saying 80W for these RDAs but I find 50 or less is all that is needed so don't be afraid to use them on a DNA75. On both the VV and the Ceto I don't mind the large diameter drip tip but both are too short - as in your lips touch the SS when you vape. Both drip tips need to be half again longer if not twice. I will say that while both work well with squonk, I do find the VV more juice efficient. In that between puffs, juice will evaporate. So on the VV you can have a relatively smaller wick volume compared to the Ceto. So that means less evaporation. If you like to chain vape a lot then the larger wick volume of the Ceto will help you by not having to squonk as often.

Kudo's too all these companies for bringing out mesh and kudos to Vandy Vape for vaping specific meshes of different materials.

Do I recommend these to a beginner? No I do not. Most will be overwhelmed by the performance/amount of vapor.

For an experienced vaper, they work well. But I am looking at DIYing a dual battery 20700/21700 DNA 200/250 squonker visavis the S100/Dripbox160/Movkin Disguiser type box design.


I had an issue with the S100 where it had an unpleasant taste/smell associated with the squonk system. Take the front cover off, remove the SS tube and seal. It is that seal that causes the problem. I had the same issue with the yiloong 3D printed squonk box but there it was the tubing they used. Get your self some 2mm silicone food safe tubing off of amazon and you can fix both. On the S100 there is a silicone seal washer at the top so you don't need the SS tube and tube seal, just remove it and use 2mm silicone tubing. The bottle will also have the same smell and taste and will not go away so just throw out and use the spare bottle that came with it. You can also find replacement bottles on ebay. The same bottles that work for the Kanger 160 dripbox will work for the S100. For the Yiloong, just remove the stock bottle and tube and replace the bottle with a 10ml ldpe bottle with thin tip, you can get them on Amazon. Just cut the nipple off the drip top, cut the tubing at an angle and push/pull the tubing through the hole. You can widen the hole slightly with a dull knife, just spin the knife in the hole, but don't go too far, you want a good seal between the tubing and the drip top hole. And don't cut into the top either while enlargening, just spin it, and use a dull knife.

I've started using the Captain PD270 and Captain RTA, both in Rainbow, from iJoy using the included 20700 batteries and it is a dream. This has been one of the better performing RTAs for 100VG and temp control that I have seen in a while. Sporting a single large 7mm 10 wrap coil, wick it with rayon and split the ends to the 4 juice feed holes. I am truly astounded at how well this works and no leaks. Usually for performance like this you generally have to put up with some leaking. And the 20700s last for a day and half sometimes two days just depending on how heavy I am vaping. I did pick up a couple 20700's from IMRbatteries to swap out. So I charge the batteries outside of, aka externally to the mod in an older 2 bay LUC charger designed for 18650s. Unfortunately the chargers are not advertising they support 20700 or 21700 but most do anyways. Especially if they support 26650s. Now I will say that the IWEPAL board it uses is NOT accurate for temp control but it IS consistent. So if you read my temp control page then you know which is more important and how to compensate. Significantly, the SW does have the ability to set a custom TCR, though it is also widely inaccurate. How bad you ask? Well I find that when using NI200 wire, setting the TCR to Titanium works best LOL. That's pretty bad.  But it is CONSISTENT so I do recommend this mod, you just have to know how to compensate. In general, set the TCR to .6 or 60% of what you are actually using. Yes, it runs 40% too high. Maybe this is just mine as I bought it used off of ebay or maybe iJoy/IWEPAL will have a SW update, until then just know how to compensate. VW mode works fine. I do like the top slide fill concept on the RTA especially when you get a vacuum lock and the juice stops flowing as well, just slide open count to five and slide back. That not only equalizes air pressure inside the tank with ambient but also lets the wick soak up a bunch of juice. Some people will be put off by the abnormally large drip tip but it does come with a 510 drip tip adapter, which is smart, that really should be the standard for any atomizer that comes with a large bore (larger than standard 510) drip tip. So, it loses points for TC accuracy but gains a bunch of points for longevity, ergonomics, and yes I would say build quality is excellent, good materials. Some may find it too heavy. But I like the solid construction and huge battery capacity.

I am currently enjoying the Geek Vape GBOX S100 and a Tsunami RDA with squonk pin. The only place I could find the S100 in stock was Everzon and now they don't show any. I don't get it. Just a few weeks ago they showed stock for hundreds. Look I know this is an old mod, pre-8.8.2016 but come on vendors. Carry shit that is A) legal and B) works.

You can find Tsunami's for $8-10 with the squonk pin included at Fasttech.

The Tsunamis from FT work really well, SKU 5571400.

I have no idea why China continues to make side airflow atomizers. Or dumbass posts that cut your wires when you tighten the screws. We have known for years that bottom airflow is far superior. Not even close as in a totally different league. So stick to the bottom airflow RDAs. Unfortunately, the dumbass velocity posts are all the rage still and they love to cut your coil legs. Also the Nalu comes with a squonk pin too. Some of the newer RDAs like the Pharaoh have great posts and correct bottom airflow, but they will not squonk. I just wish the Tsunami or Plus came in 30mm, used posts like the Pharoah. As it is, a black 24 Tsunami style looks decent on the S100 and performs fantastic with a single 10 wrap 24 gauge Nifethal 70 coil. No that's not a typo, you can put HUGE coils in the Tsunami.

So much easier to squonk than drip. I hate dripping. Performance is as good as the 30mm VCMT.

The bottle is a little more difficult / less efficient to remove for refilling than the movkin disguiser but overall the S100 is lighter, smaller and gives a better grip. The rubberized paint finish isn't as soft or pliable as I was expecting but it is much better than the gloss finish on the Movkin. There is a slight button rattle but it's not bad. Good tactile feedback on fire button.

The big advantage here is the USB port, rubberized finish for grip and adjustable TCR mode.

The Kanger Dripbox 160 has had 510 issues with some people reporting their particular atomizer doesn't work because the 510 center pins do not connect. I have also heard of 510 connector juice leaks. It does have a USB port for charging at least, no SW upgrade available and no TCR mode nor ceramic/tungsten mode.

The Tsunami had no problems seating all the way down whereas on the movkin there was a very slight gap.

So right now the Movkin with squonk kit is still out there on clearance at a couple places but it is getting tough to find them. Soon they too will go the way of the S100.

I'm just glad I got two S100's before they vanished completely. If you can still find one, grab one, these S100's are awesome.

People, forget the megawatt craze. Go squonk!

Checkout the EHPRO 101 Mod, it is a very sleek single battery tube mod that just cries e-cigar.






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