Websters defines "corruption" as dishonest or illegal behavior especially by powerful people.

The only person that can protect you is YOU.

Think for yourself.

I don't know about you but when someone breaks my trust, they cannot get it back easily. They have a better chance of getting a camel through the eye of a needle. Only I'm not talking about a tall narrow window that can be done if careful, I'm talking about an actual sewing needle. (if you didn't get the reference then you should probably stop reading).

Yes ego can cause corruption. Power can cause corruption. But the primary cause has always been and until we no longer need a monetary system will always be, GREED.

It is difficult for good, decent, honest people to understand corruption. It is impossible for you to understand how this evil thinks, acts and sets it's might against us. You are not alone. I lead a sheltered life growing up. And through out my adult life I worked with people that were good, decent and honest in a capacity that could have been ripe with corruption but it was not. This concept was foreign to us. It would never cross our minds. We simply were not driven by ego or greed. We were driven by a higher desire. A desire to defeat evil. A desire to protect. A desire to save lives.

This is much like the vaping industry. Oh sure there are those scumbags only interested in getting rich, harming anyone and everything just so they can get rich quick and get out. But by and large the bulk of the vaping community is honest and decent and therefore incapable of comprehending the depths of this evil. This evil knows no bounds.

This evil will be arguing they are "protecting the public health" and at the same time sneaking a knife between your ribs.

How are we then, honest, decent people incapable of thinking that way, supposed to identify evil?

How do we separate the liars from those that speak the truth?

The answer is really quite simple and reminds me of a puzzle I heard in my youth. I solved later that night in my dreams. Woke up and sat up bolt upright in my college dorm room bunk with the answer. The key here is actually the same. The riddle goes like this. You are traveling to truth-town where everyone tells the truth. On your way, you come to a fork in the road with a man standing there at the fork. One direction leads to your goal, truth-town. The other leads to liarsville. Everyone is truth-town tells the truth. Everyone in liarsville tells lies. The man at the fork is from either truth-town or liarsville but you do not know which. You are permitted to ask the man one question and one question only.

What is the question you ask?

Don't look up the answer. Figure it out for yourself. In doing so you will learn great insight. Just having the answer given to you will teach you nothing.

And so we come to vaping and e-cigarettes. Who do you trust? You trust in yourself and your own cognitive abilities.

There are corporations that make Trillions of US dollars every year on the suffering of people. Cures do not pay continuously. It is far more profitable to make money extending the suffering over as long as possible and if you can, cause additional problems you can also make more money from the suffering by selling additional products for that suffering too.

You know of what I speak. And you know it is true.

I didn't used to believe it. I thought that was all crap. I believed that "they" would go ahead and come up with the cures because they could make a lot of money off of that. But that isn't true. They make far more than they could ever get out of a cure. I didn't figure this out until after I was already a half-century old. It took the whole e-cigarette and vaping debate to convince me otherwise. Now I have overturned many of my brainwashing aspects throughout my life but this one persisted.

Until I dug into the data and read the reports and studies for myself.

If you read the abstract only, you are lost. If you read the headline only, you are brainwashed. Brainwashed people only serve EVIL.


You have to get into the test procedures used or the poll questions asked. You have to get into the test methods and data collection methods. You have to get into the protocols and the analytic process used. You have to engage an understanding of science and method.

It is the only way.


I don't know. I really don't. There is too much stupid. Too many are brainwashed. The enemy has trillions of dollars at their disposal. Many powerful people with titles and monikers have been enthralled by the money from the enemy. But I would rather go down telling the truth as a pauper then as a rich, corrupt shill of evil. Whether there is an afterlife or not. Whether there is a God or not. I made my decision in my youth to be an agent of good. I made the decision to not tolerate evil in my presence. Because it is the RIGHT thing to do. Not for fear of eternal damnation. Not for promise of eternal reward. Simply because it is the right thing to do. Nothing else. I do have this ability to expose the darkness with light. You do too. We all do. You just have to decide. Be you agent of evil or of good? Will you stand the line with me? Will you flock to the banner of light? Or would you rather sink into the abyss of darkness?

As the old adage goes, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make the horse drink. I expose the darkness for what it is and with the light, the light of knowledge, reason, science, and math. You can too.


The shills of the enemy are easy to spot. They opine and attack without evidence or misrepresent test data and even use the wrong test methods or analytics on purpose to skew the data to their agenda. All in order to back their lies the whole time trying to come off as "honest" or "helping". That is why I provide the links to the data so you can go get it and read it for yourself and come to your own conclusions. THAT IS THE LIGHT. You do not need a PhD. Simple logic will suffice.




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