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I try to put what I believe are the major, relevant  e-cigarette headlines on the vaping news page. And this page is dedicated to vendors. And this page is dedicated to smokers. But I wanted a page dedicated to talking to current e-cigarette consumers and that's what this page is.

Are you as apathetic as I am yet?

I got that way on 8.8.2016. There is so much stupid going on both sides of the aisle I decided to take the youtube howto videos down and gave up on publishing the book I had written. In short, the 'ol give-a-shit meter barely flickers because of all the stupid. Still, every once in a while it does flicker. A few can still make a difference. Otherwise, I really am not interested in saving stupid. And to be honest, there is far more important stupid, than vaping stupid going on. Still, every once in a while, I see a flicker of light. It's rare, but it does occur.

First and foremost is where I spend my money. We consumers are going to go where we find stuff the cheapest once we have identified the product we want and made that decision of balance between cheap and quality. Factoring in that tradeoff convenience and comfort, buying what is easy and what has always worked in the past. But what we all lose sight of is the price we pay for that. As it stands right now come 8.8.201822 the U.S. Government is going to start enforcing the law and everything goes away. I do consider buying from retailers that are paying for advocacy that is working to change the law. By and large those giving away free crap are not paying for advocacy.

The second thing and what I consider a bare minimum is I wrote my U.S. House Representative and U.S. Congressman and urged them to support H.R.1136 but alas that went no where. I didn't email. And I don't text tweet or chirp. Writing or printing by hand is best, but typing, printing and longhand signing is fine too. Then stuff in an envelope and mail via USPS. I do not email, sign online petitions and that crap. That all gets ignored. It never hurts to call or visit but I have not done that yet.

Now if my US reps don't agree then I don't argue and I never mount a facebook bashing campaign. I see some doing this and is stupid. I wish they would call or visit and try to educate not denigrate. It is ok to publicly present the facts of disagreeable position. It is ok to state opinion of how crappy that is. But bashing them personally does more harm than good. That is not something I would do, I stay on the high road.

Third is to try to help others and educate when they ask "how do you like that?" And my favorite is always "oh yeah we tried those and they didn't work for us" or something similar. I am always quick to ask oh what did you try? More often than not they can't answer the question because it was so uneventful for them, they would rather just forget the whole thing. And more often than not it was a cig-a-like. So ask them, was it small like a cigarette or pen? And they will say yes. Then educate them, and say yeah those didn't work for me either, thankfully out of the thousands of choices out there I finally found this, a Fuji GTA single coil RTA mounted on a Therion DNA75 or whatever it is. Then of course what flavor and so on... Then I ask, do you want to try it? I let them know there are gobs of choices, lots of flavors and encourage them not to give up because the reward is worth it and relate my own personal success story. I offer to help them, suggest or meet at a vape shop with them and guide them.

It's too bad really, my local "vape shop" is a couple buffoons sitting in a single wide on blocks in a parking lot. So much for "Brick & Mortar" LOL. One thinks clouds are da shit, the other makes e-liquid in his kitchen and prints paper labels on an inkjet printer and sells it in plastic bottles. If I had a decent vape shop near me I would volunteer my services to them to teach people how to build coils, operate and clean their devices, explain the lies and deeming reg. But given they are complete and utter idiots, there is a part of me that hopes the deeming reg doesn't get changed and oxygen bandits like these are driven back under the rocks they crawled out from under. Unfortunately they are a complete lost cause and I feel bad for their customers who I am sure they don't card. And since the closest professional vape shop is 30 miles away, I just go online.






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