BEST Mod OF 2016

(so far)

The "BEST" of anything is what works for you to keep you from smoking. With that said I have over 100 different atomizers and a couple dozen mods and there have been a couple improvements this year worth noting.

Single Cell (26650)

Hohmtech Slice

Dual Cell (18650)

Lost Vape Therion (DNA75)

Triple Cell (18650)

Lost Vape Triade (DNA200)

Yes it is slippery, yes the battery door cover slides and clicks, and no the 510 connector isn't the greatest. But it's a great value at $60 and coupled with a Brillipower Green 26650 an all day vape mod. I have single cell 18650 mods but you end up having to swap the battery before the day is done. As far as TCing Kanthal and Nichrome - only prebuilt clearomizer cartridges, not RTAs.

I do recommend eventually changing the 510 connector because the stock spring is too soft but out of the box it's the best single cell out there. The HCIGAR VT75 is a close runner up and the 510 is great and it is DNA75 but it is a "C Frame" style mod so if you ever drop it, the frame will spring. I also have a Smoant Knight and a SMY SDNA75 and a few others. All single cell mods. All good mods. All recommended. But they all suffer the same thing, short vape time.

For a non-squonk mod I truly believe this is the best mod out there. Get yourself dual 15A batteries like the Sony VTC6 or Samsung 30Qs and you are looking at 6000maH of all day plus vaping capacity. Because on the Therion, the batteries are in parallel halving the current requirement for each battery allowing you to safely chose a lower amp draw but higher maH capacity battery pair. The 510 connector is stellar and the leather battery door cover is not slippery.

I do not recommend the squonk version Therion as you will need to go to a single Sony VTC4 battery (30A capable 2000maH) because one of the battery slots is used for the squonk bottle. Nor the DNA200 Halcyon at 900maH.

Unless you go squonk, this is a must buy.

Released after 8.8.2016.

Big but triple cells in series gives you a lot of capacity and given it is DNA200 you only need 25A capable batteries allowing you to safely pick 2500maH Sony VTC5a cells. And the leather clad battery cover door is not slippery. And a stellar 510 connector. There is a DNA250 version coming.

Triple cell series mods are more efficient with higher atomizer resistances implying nonTC or VW Kanthal/Nichrome builds. In which case the DNA200 is overkill. This is because the voltage has to be reduced or "bucked" down a lot farther than a single cell voltage mod like the Slice or DNA75/DNA60s. But they do work on low ohm dual coil Ni200 builds typically @ .07ohms. I have several DNA200s including those I built myself and this is by far the best value though the Therion is preferred for size, feel, and performance.

Released after 8.8.2016.

There are lots of good mods out there. I know these are expensive but it is an investment and the money you will save vaping versus smoking or chewing especially if you get into DIY e-Liquid will quickly pay for this investment. However if you just can't make the plunge, consider going with the MOVKIN Disguiser 150W (pre 8.8.2016 release) on the Best Squonker of 2016 page. Honorable mentions go to the Reuleaux RX2/3, RX200, HCIGAR VT75 and SMY SDNA75 all pre 8.8.2016 release.

For a very inexpensive dual parallel TC mod with good 510, consistency and accuracy consider the Eleaf iStick TC100W (pre 8.8.2016 release) which can actually be had for less than $35. Now Eleaf like Pioneer4You, has not had a good reputation and I donít recommend this Eleaf iStick TC100W lightly having had several Pioneer4You's fail on me. But the TC100W does not suffer the problems that plagued the other iSticks. This is a quality affordable TC mod. The spring loaded center pin is not as stiff as the Lost Vape DNAs but it does have stainless steel threads. And I have found that barring internal soldering issues, those are the two primary features affecting consistency/repeatability. The third would be battery contacts. The Eleaf iStick TC100W battery contacts are good. And given their cost, you can buy three of them for one DNA device. The only downside is the USB port is on the bottom. It would be better if it were on the side. And with SW upgrade, it is 120W.

Since Temperature Control was invented I really don't see a use for any other type of mod. If you start with a disposable and want more, go straight for a TC mod. And make no mistake a TC mod will show you the faults of an atomizer quicker than a VW or mech mod. Stick to single coil atomizers until you perfect your build techniques. A dual coil atomizer needs each coil to be balanced fairly well. This allows for even heating. If the coils are not balanced, one side can run away from the other causing temperature spiking and the output of bad by-products albeit still safer than smoking but still, the point is to reduce risk. Balancing coils is more than just side to side same length of wire total, the wrap spacings have to be balanced as well and I can tell you just looking with the naked eye won't work. You need a FLIR or IR sensitive camera. Crank the mod to 600F, do not wick and do not juice. Use a camera, try the one in your phone and turn off the lights. Some work some don't. Fire your mod and you should see the coil glow. If you can then you can balance a multi coil build. Gently spread the wraps until all coils glow the same amount and at the same time. If they are way off then you may have one more wrap or longer legs on one of the coils.

Unfortunates and what not to look for:

There are still regulated mods being built that are not SW upgradeable and TC mods that do not offer a TC adjustment mode. For example the IJOY Limitless LUX dual 26650. Those iJoy 26650 batteries are stellar and with two of them the capacity is outstanding but the mod does not have a TCR adjustment setting and with only 3 TC modes and not a tungsten one, I can't recommend it and can't make the plunge. I have emailed iJoy suggesting this for their next SW release and if they do then I will make the plunge try it out and who knows, may become a recommended. But for now, it is an example of one to stay away from. Now you may be thinking I don't need Tungsten, that is true but the TCR for Tungsten is close to other wire types that you may be interested in like NiFethal70 for example. You would be better off to build your own dual 26650 using a DNA 75. With this said, the MOVKIN Disguiser 150 is almost in the same boat as it doesn't even have a visible USB port for SW upgrading. However, matched with a squonk kit and it suddenly becomes desirable having a tungsten TCR mode along with the other modes allows one to TC (with temp offset) any TC wire out there. So it's all about trade offs.

Weak 510 connectors and brass plated threads are the pits. And the Slice has such a 510. But, it is easy to replace and will work for you for a long while as is. If you need to replace one, go with a Fatdaddys or Varitube. If you can't solder or use simple hand tools then phone a friend.

High wattage claims. I have vaped at 100W before and that literally is far more vapor than most people can tolerate. I am a swimmer and have had great lung capacity all my life and I can only handle around 60W. I typically vape at around 40W. And I started at 8W. don't need more than a 100W. Is it desirable? well sure, size does matter! It just isn't needed. And even though I still use my DNA40s, I would not pick a mod today less than 60W though for margin. A 100W is more than enough. And yeah I have a 300W mod, why? I guess just so I can say mine is bigger than yours is nanny nanny booboo. LOL Totally useless otherwise.

Non user replaceable batteries. It is a real drag if you have a mod that you can't replace the battery in and have to ship it back to the manufacturer or do it yourself if you are handy with tools and know how to spot weld contacts to Li-Ion batteries safely and without damaging them.




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