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The "BEST" of anything is what works for you to keep you from smoking. With that said I have over 100 different atomizers, dozens of mods, disposables and pens and there have been a couple improvements this year worth noting.

Technically speaking, these are e-Cigarettes too: Best Mod with Best RTA, Best RDA or Best RDTA along with the Best E-Pipe and Best Squonker.

But we prefer to call those Advanced Personal Vaporizers or (APVs) whereas the U.S. FDA calls all e-Cigarettes Electronic Nicotine Devices (ENDS).

This page is about the CIG-A-LIKE and PEN category of E-Cigarettes which most novice or non-vapers think of when the word "e-Cigarette" is used.

These all produce small amounts of vapor and are mouth to lung draw experience vapes.

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Innokin EGO style

This is what I tried first. Though the amount of vapor is small, not the most cost effective, and was not satisfying enough for me, it is for some people and is an economical, convenient and readily available way to try vaping for the first time to see if it might work for you. But understand this, there are far better in producing more vapor, more flavors, and greater satisfaction..

These are decent disposables but a disposable will never be cost efficient. Just like the Blu, vapor production is small if you get a hint of satisfaction but still not enough then think of these as a stepping stone, I did. But they do work for some. Further, I keep some on hand for introducing new smoking friends to the safer e-Cigarette and vaping. But if you want more satisfaction, don't worry, there is plenty more.

There are many pen styles around and very popular in vape stores as well as on-line and they come as fixed voltage or variable voltage. Vapor production is small. On the order of the cig-a-likes. Some people find these sufficient but if you don't, do not stop here, look to the APVs. You can find these as a kit including atomizer, battery and charger. Given their low cost these days you may be better off trying one of these for the first time instead of a disposable. I still keep one or two around as the wife occasionally will vape. But if you are an all day vaper, look to the APVs.

If you are an avid fan of tobacco, and by that I mean you chew or smoke a pack a day or more, it is highly likely these will satisfy you. But they are a great way to try vaping. I can't emphasize this enough, if these satisfy you then great, but if they don't satisfy you but you get a hint that it might be ok, then don't give up, go for an APV and Rebuildable Atomizer (RBA) or go squonk. There really is no comparison to these. If you are a light smoker, and by that I mean a pack or less a day, don't chew, use filtered cigarettes then these are a great alternative. but the newest version of the e-Cigarette we call an APV puts out a lot more vapor than these ever will.

As flavors go the story is thus: You try one of these disposables or cig-a-likes because you want a safer alternative to smoking or you want to quit. But you are concerned about the flavor. I can tell you right now stop searching for a flavor that tastes like a real light it up and smoke it cigarette. I have tried dozens including my own concoctions and while some get close, the truth is an e-Cigarette will never taste like a real cigarette because the e-Cigarette is missing the thousands of toxins and dozens of carcinogens found in cigarette smoke, even filtered cigarette smoke. So ANY of these will do. The Blu and the Njoy are both available in Menthol. What is most important is the amount of vapor and nicotine delivery. Over time you will find you can't stand how a real cigarette tastes anymore and find that flavors like apple pie, bubblegum, cotton candy, whiskey and etc are your new normal and wonder what took you so long to get over the nasty.

Then with an "open" vaping system where you can select the e-Liquid you want to use you gradually wean yourself off of nicotine altogether. From 18mg/ml to 12 to 10 to 6 to 3 to ZERO. Because the e-Cigarette satisfies your nicotine cravings which you can reduce at any rate and amount you want AND satisfies that hand to mouth, inhale/exhale behavior you have associated with smoking. Which is why e-Cigarettes are the best way to quit smoking and is why patches, pills, lozenges, gums and inhalers don't work at quitting smoking. Those hopeless solutions don't satisfy both the addiction and behavior. If you are a smoker I will bet you have tried to quit and couldn't. Did you go on a candy binge? Of course, typical with quitting smokers. Hmm, wonder why e-Cigarette flavors based on candy work so well huh? Also, zero calorie and sugar. Yes flavors are important to the quitting smoking equation. And inhalers look stupid and you can't control the delivery and the blasted things are prescription. Those reasons combined is why they don't work. Today with e-Cigarettes being readily available over the counter (OTC), and even some that look identical to a real cigarette, they work the best to quit smoking. Now I understand that some of the APV box mods look geeky and that is unappealing to some. Have no fear, there are e-Cigarettes that are indistinguishable from a real cigarette, pipe or cigar.

So yes flavors matter but the most important is already built in automatically to the e-Cigarette, namely that it satisfies BOTH the nicotine addiction and inhale/exhale hand-to-mouth behavior. Next important is the amount of vapor and therefore satisfaction. Lastly flavor is important which plays into satisfaction. I normally vape zero flavoring today, just straight up 100VG with nicotine. So take it from me, at first you will be hunting that same cigarette flavor and never find it which actually is a good thing, but given the satisfaction you are getting from the nicotine delivery and behavior start trying candy and bakery flavors as that is what we do when we stop smoking anyways. Then eventually if you ever try unflavored, you may come to the realization that unflavored e-Liquid tastes most like a real cigarette than anything else you have ever tried.

Once you are over the flavor dilemma and have settled into vaping, now you can start reducing your nicotine concentration. Vape the same amount, just gradually reduce the nicotine content and you can wean yourself off until ZERO nicotine. At that point, you may find getting off the behavior of inhale/exhale hand to mouth is actually harder to do than getting off the nicotine. But since the nicotine is now gone, you only have to quit half the problem.

I hope you understand this. This is what everyone else usually gets backwards and the other stuff just doesn't work. While we are talking the other stuff, a note about Chantix; Pfizer has done a marvelous job of settling out of court with the families of those that have killed themselves via suicide from depression partly from being on Chantix. So much so, it's getting increasingly difficult to find these stories anymore and the US FDA has been bought off too now saying there is little or no risk. Don't believe it. Further, the percentage of people that Chantix has worked for to quit smoking is an order of magnitude lower than the e-Cigarette.

You may have heard NJOY is going out of business, that's not true yet. They are restructuring and filing with the courts appropriately. I made a recent purchase for their Kings this month and they are still great, delivery was on time so no worries about NJOY as yet. If their restructuring is successful and there is no reason to doubt it will be, then these will be available until at least 2018 when the FDA starts enforcing the tobacco deeming regulation. Keep up with the vaping news. On that page I will let all know the up-to-date current status of the future of vaping i.e. e-Cigarettes.

The EGO style generally means pen type though it specifically refers to the connector between the battery and atomizer. A "510" atomizer can be used on an EGO battery but a strictly EGO atomizer cannot be used on a "510" battery or mod. There are threaded tubes that allow a smoother transition for aesthetics between an EGO battery and "510" atomizer. You can also get lanyards for the EGO pens to hang around your neck.

The EGO pen style kits contain no e-Liquid. This makes these an entry level rechargeable "open vaping" system which means you choose what e-Liquid you want to use and right now, there are literally thousands of flavors. Though I encourage you to get into DIY e-Liquid as soon as you can given the Vaporpocalypse.

A note about the atomizers typically used on the EGO style batteries. They are usually clearomizers which implies two things. First, they use plastic tanks and some e-Liquids can crack plastic tanks and bottles. Also there is some concern, though not verified, of chemicals leaching from the plastic into the e-Liquid. There are some EGO style glassomizers like the Kanger EVOD. Second, clearomizers and glassomizers use pre-manufactured coil/wick cartridges though most can be rebuilt with dexterity and tenacity even though they are designed to be disposable. And come 8.9.2019 the way things stand now, it all becomes banned, illegal and prohibited by federal law meaning you won't be able to buy the coil cartridges.




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