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The "BEST" of anything is what works for you to keep you from smoking. With that said I have over 100 different atomizers and there have been a couple improvements this year worth noting.


Brillipower Green 4500mah

Labeled as 80A is actually 20-25A Continuous Discharge

Same as Basen Black, AWT Yellow and others


Sony VTC 6 for dual parallel cell <30A mods (15A each cell)

LG HB 6 for single cell <32A mods

Sony VTC 5A for multiple series cells <25A mods (25A each cell)

I have many, I seem to accumulate these like atomizers and mods. And I get all of my chargers and batteries from I don't know these guys and have never met them I just know they sell authentics and not knock-off crap. They are here in the US and they have an excellent reputation and I have had no complaints with them. Note this website is about e-Cigarettes but I have other hobbies and many devices that use Li-Ion batteries.

Remember to check your mods ampere requirements and select batteries from mooch's test data. I have all these batteries and more in different mods.

I bought my brillipowers from They perform wonderfully in DNA75 based mods that use one 26650. At max power vaping four - 4 second puffs in a row chain vape with a 30 second pause in between chain vapes and these batteries do not get hot as proven by my FLIR temperature testing.

LG makes other great cells and my old standby Sony VTC3's, 4's and Samsung 30Q's are all running great. The Sony VTC6 and Samsung 30Q have nearly identical performance in mooch's tests. The VTC 5A stands out for it's maH rating at that current level. The HB6 is the only one in mooch's data that he rates that high.

I also have other devices and home built projects that use Li-Ion cells and these work wonderfully in all.

For 3S Li-Po packs used in some DNA200 mods you often are tied to the mod manufacturer for that particular battery. If you build a DIY DNA200 box mod and want to use a Li-Po instead of three 18650s in series then look to the new Turnigy graphene technology batteries. I built one based on the 2200maH version from HobbyKing and it works flawlessly. These also work well in most mods but are only 900maH.

Unfortunates and what not to look for:

Everything else.

Don't buy batteries off of ebay or Amazon as they are rife with knockoffs which can be dangerous.

Don't use a battery labeled at 40A that can only put out 10A safely unless your mod is rated at only 10A. I have several 10A mods and batteries and use them in flashlights and radios.




All the information contained in these pages are only the opinions of the author and the author is not an expert at anything.