Atty Modifications


Fountain V2

You can add six 2mm thin wall brass tubes to the air holes to get the airflow to the bottom of the build area. Makes a huge improvement in flavor density. It does restrict the airflow but I much prefer the vape experience with this mod.


Grinding grooves in the chimney cap above the juice slots is a simple mod to the chimney top cap that prevents bubbles getting trapped at the juice channels with 100VG.


Reinstalling the o-rings correctly on the 30mm VCMT with a thin sheet of plastic flashing wrapped around the atomizer and sliding the o-rings into position in their grooves without causing thin spots solves leaking issues. You can also add some vinyl tubing inside the stock drip tip so 510 drip tips can be used.

SS mesh tube heating element.

We can rebuild any coil center clearomizer/glassomizer coil cartridge using a single layer of 50 micron stainless steel mesh tube as the heating element and wick. A thin single layer of the outside wrap of an OC pad is used as an electrical insulator. Thick OC can be used as well for thinner E-Liquids.




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