About me

I do not receive any money from anyone for vaping or eCigarette products or services of any kind. I am not biased by money. The only benefit I gain from eCigarettes are my own personal harm reduction, life enrichment, personal enjoyment from the vaping hobby, feeling better, taste and smell again, no smokers cough, no congestion, absence of respiratory infections, don't get winded, and the money I save from not buying tobacco products.

I do not push vaping on anyone. I simply wish to provide my opinions and my lessons learned. I do not advocate vaping unless you are a smoker. I do not lead a vaping group and have no desire to do so. This is not a matter of ego or status for me. I do care about saving lives.

Quite frankly I am unaffected if no success occurs in reversing the FDAs deeming regulation in part or whole. Nor am I affected if a miracle does occur and the predicate date does get changed. I have stockpiled enough concentrated base e-Liquid, wire, wick, atomizers and mods to last two lifetimes. On top of that I can and have made my own atomizers, mods and concentrated nicotine base e-Liquid.

So you see my BIAS does not come from making or losing money, power, status, ego nor continued vaping.

I do not consider myself an expert at anything.

But I do care and I am trying to save lives by sharing information.

I am a retired EE.

I have great respect for and give special thanks to many including all our military, law enforcement and first responders. WRT to vaping there is no one that knows more or has DONE more for transitioning smokers, saving lives, improving the vaping community than Phil Busardo and Dimitris Agrafiotis. I have never met them maybe someday I will have the privilege to thank them in person. Suffice it to say they were an important part of my successfully transitioning to smoking back in 2012. Today, catch them on youtube on the smokers show.

Vaping is a personal decision that each must make for themselves. Vaping is not for everyone. My wife is a perfect example. While I converted quickly and completely over to vaping, she has not. The reason she has not in her own words; “Plain and simple I have not found anything that gives me the satisfaction that cigarettes do.” Now with that said, of course it was my wife that started me on this journey! Who else?! At the time we were “rolling our own” with Turkish tobacco, filter tubes and a tube stuffer. She asked me what I thought about electronic cigarettes. My reply at the time was that I had heard about them but basically didn’t know anything about them, but I would find out. I talked to coworkers and friends and poured over the internet for information. What I found at the time was the magic word VAPOR. I then told my wife that if this was true, that it really produced vapor, then electronic cigarettes have huge potential as combustion is not involved. But we won’t know if we like it unless we try it. So she purchased a disposable electronic cigarette at a convenience store. This was in October of 2012. As I sit here typing this, it is now October of 2016 and I have been vaping ever since. And I appreciate her continued support. But it is case in point that vaping is not for everyone.

Cig-a-likes were an important step in my journey, still perform a vital function in the vaping market today and may be a great product for some folks. The disposable cig-a-likes bought from a convenience store are at least a convenient and inexpensive method of trying vaping for the first time. And admittedly, those cig-a-likes may be sufficient for some people. The same can be said for the cartomizer cig-a-likes. And if it is sufficient for you, then in my opinion, that is just peachy!

However, the vape experience between the cig-a-likes and a TC APV with RBA is very much different with the latter being far superior because it provides more satisfying vapor, is eLiquid and taste controllable supporting Open Vaping and temperature control allowing me to control my tastes and risks and is far more cost effective.

When I started vaping I immediately felt better. Better in the first day, the first week, and the first month. No more smokers cough. No more irritated cheeks and gums. And I could smell and taste again. And I didn’t have that smokers smell. In fact no residual smell left anywhere. We now vape in the car and in the house around children and pets because we know there are NO second hand effects either inhaled nor contact. It was a better experience to quitting tobacco cold turkey that I had done before in my life. Only this time without the withdrawal symptoms due to loss of nicotine and without loss of the hand to mouth inhale/exhale behavior especially missed in the morning, after a meal and in social settings with the inevitable consumption of social lubricant. It was far easier for me to convert to vaping than quitting smoking and/or chewing cold turkey.

The money I saved over buying cigarettes and chewing tobacco in the first three months more than paid for my investment in a simple single voltage battery eGO APV and coil cartridge clearomizer. And making the change from tobacco products to vaping has been saving me ever since. And I saved even more when I started mixing my own vaping liquid and upgraded to a TC based APV and RBA. With that said, the money saved has been spent on tools and gear associated with vaping as it has become a hobby for me. In my opinion, a harm reduction hobby.

But where does one start? Local brick and mortar (B&M) vaping shops can be a wealth of information and there is much online as well. In fact, more information on vaping is being added online every day. After I tried a BLU from a convenience store, I went to my local B&M vape shop. At that time, they had several flavor eLiquids I could try as samples. Though they now have to charge a sampling fee by law.

I like the different mods I have for different reasons, I have given away a bunch, some that were simply outdated or that I didn't like. We all have our different likes and dislikes and that's just peachy.

I have four vices, food, my wife, caffeine and nicotine. I smoked filtered and unfiltered cigarettes, pipe and cigars. I chewed loose leaf, fine cut and plug. I tried pills and patches and even quit cold turkey a couple times, once for a year the second time quitting smoking but still chewed for about a decade. The most effective method for smoking and chewing cessation for me has been vaping. When I switched over to vaping I found I had no desire for smoking or chewing. Was it the same experience as smoking or chewing? No it was not. But it was literally more satisfying.

I believe that all we really need is enforcement of simple law. It is illegal for companies to lie. Yet they do. All regulation does, is take away individual freedoms. Companies still lie. And we enact regulation because we are not enforcing the basic law. Every single issue can be boiled down to the basic truth versus lie. Vaping is no different. So instead of fixing the basic issues that are broke, we just take away our freedoms instead. We always choose or allow to be chosen, the path of least resistance. I am just as guilty of this as anyone. So...I understand.

I have lots of interests and hobbies ranging from Astronomy to Zoology and one or two points in between ;). Science, math and logic have long been my stalwart allies, my greatest successes when I paid attention to them and my greatest failures when I ignored them. I have a BSEE from The University of Akron and am retired. I am very well read across multiple disciplines and have self taught topics over a wide range including Archaeology, Psychology (transactional analysis), Nutrition, History (world) and etc. I have been doing things since early childhood.  Many of these I did before I graduated high school. Auto-body (old school with lead, no bondo), rebuilt engines (383, 460, big ones!), carburetors and transmissions (automatic and manual), masonry, concrete, gardening, farming, welding (acetylene and stick), framing, insulating, sheathing, sheet rock, plumbing, house wiring, woodwork, refinishing antique furniture and plated pots (stripping plate and buffing) and many more. All thanks to my parents. We did everything ourselves. Welded and made a snow plow for a Cockshutt 30 tractor. Welded and made a log splitter. We heated the house with cut firewood. Think snow belt in Ohio. I was operating a chainsaw and tractor before high school. And the list goes on and on. I was always taught by my dad that no matter what I do, I do it 110%. So a good example is fishing. I made my own fishing rods and lures. I'm talking I made my own rod blanks from kevlar string and grips from cork. Archery I made my own arrows, bow and string. Whenever I got into something...it was 110%. Today, sometimes I do this and sometimes I don't. For example in college we learned 8088 assembly and wat5 punch card fortran. I self taught C and C++, but just enough to get by. Although I did self teach html and even ran my own web servers and DNS servers out of my living room once upon a time LOL. But lately, my interests are waning quite a bit. Vaping remains as a mainstay but I have about 20 projects laying in various states of incompleteness in my shop. Ranging from designing and build tattoo machines for my cousin to vitrifying my own razor hones. Bottom line, I have a LOT of varied skills and knowledge with handyman / DIY. Doing things. So not just theory.

Here are some varied interests not necessarily related to vaping:









RF was one of my many specialties in my career so ... yeah I also build my own antennas. I have several designs for OTA omni directional complete band VHF/UHF and AGC filter and amplifier designs. And now in retirement we moved out of the city and back to the "sticks" getting back to our country life roots. And with that comes a significant challenge in getting affordable, reliable, usable internet and telephony. Oh yeah, almost forgot. I also volunteer supported a telephone co-operative for a while so I know a little something about telephony.

Oh and if you want to know where my username comes from, it will be obvious to some but not others. In 2003 I was planning to completely restore my 280ZX and Nissan announced the 350Z so I special ordered one. Serial number <400. I had one of the first and then while at the stealership I fell in love with the Murano, affectionately known simply as the MO. Today, I have neither LOL.


I am an American, and proud to be a citizen of the greatest country on earth. If this offends you, then leave. We have problems, caused by greed, corruption and laziness and enhanced by our enemies. But it's still the best. And we thank our veterans and those who serve to protect and serve. And we also recognize our stalwart allies, those forces of light in the world who also strive for life, liberty and happiness.

Good luck and happy vaping!

- 350ZMO




All the information contained in these pages are only the opinions of the author and the author is not an expert at anything.