We Are Being Lied To

I do not receive any money from anyone for vaping or eCigarette products or services of any kind. I am not biased by money. The only benefit I gain from eCigarettes are my own personal harm reduction, life enrichment, personal enjoyment from the vaping hobby and the money I save from not buying tobacco products.


We Are Being Lied To


It's Not Just Teens


The above videos on youtube are not mine. Although I have been saying it directly like that for years. Dimitris and Phil have been saying it indirectly for years but now the gloves are off they have said it directly and outright. So...it's not just me...it's not just an individuals conspiracy theory anymore.

There is no "teen vaping epidemic".

I have said this in many different ways here on this site in various pages and in my youtube videos and multiple comments online spread across various sites. And now MY President has been duped.

So let me explain that comment. Prior to the election when Donald Trump was nothing more than a billionaire, he had a .gov site as a candidate asking us, the American citizens, for our comments on what we wanted him to do in office. So I typed in as much as the online form would allow me to and then he won and gave his inauguration speech.

I was absolutely flabbergasted sitting there listening to and watching his speech as he presented it on air, live. It was damn near exactly what I had written.

So you see, when I say President Trump is MY president, it is more than just I voted for him. When I voted for him I was simply choosing the lesser of two evils as always is the case when voting. A two and a very distant three party system is moribund and has been for over a century.

When politics becomes a profession and not a duty, a responsibility, then that is when people are looking at it wrong. And that is when Government fails. And that is the weakness that has been exploited on purpose. As President Abraham Lincoln said in his own words, I will use mine, we the US of A will not be taken from external forces. Rather, we will succumb from within. I am oft reminded of the words of Princess Amidala, "So that is how Democracy dies, with thunderous applause!".

I have absolutely no doubt that what I had written was NOT read by then candidate Trump. Nor was it read by aids, filtered and passed on to him. Likewise, I have absolutely no doubt that many wrote what I had wrote because they feel exactly as I do. And I have absolutely no doubt that Donald Trump and I think a lot a like on a great many topics. But obviously not all.

So now you know, the rest of the story.

My President has been lied to just like the rest of us and has been duped, brainwashed, by the very mass media he knows is part of the evil corruption destroying this country from within. Do you know of whom I speak? Oh yes, they started this back in the late forties and early fifties. It has taken a life of it's own. It is now self sustaining brainwashing. They started with the children, through schools, which spread to every walk of life, especially the media, politicians, and of course focused on mass metropolitan areas because it was easier to brainwash more people that way, where they are "huddled" in masse and other weaknesses. Yes you know of whom I speak.

Today we have another evil that has been growing strong over the decades as well, BIG PHARMA. Let me come right out and say it. I name thee for all to see.

Yes I have written MY President, as I am sure many others have as well. It's not his fault. It is also not the fault of most Americans, around 250 MILLION that have also been brainwashed and believe vaping is just as harmful if not worse than cigarettes. An absolute lie, deception by sociopathic and psychopathic corrupt evil that commands TRILLIONS of US dollars through OUR SUFFERING. Cures do not pay unless you are looking at a class action lawsuit a.k.a. the Hep C epidemic. They can get away with the opioid epidemic for several reasons but that is another dirt road.

So please. Write MY and YOUR President. Write senators, representatives, etc. But remember they are very busy. So are their aids that filter all they get. And truthfully, this topic is not that pressing in comparison to others...say the 22 Trillion USD national debt which interestingly...banning cigarettes instead of vaping could pay off that National Debt in two decades if not before. Yes it's true. Read my briefing.

But most importantly, PREPARE THYSELF.


I am an American, and proud to be a citizen of the greatest country on earth. If this offends you, then leave. We have problems, caused by greed, corruption and laziness and enhanced by our enemies. But it's still the best. And we thank our veterans and those who serve to protect and serve. And we also recognize our stalwart allies, those forces of light in the world who also strive for life, liberty and happiness.

Good luck and happy vaping!

- 350ZMO




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