The vaporpocalypse a.k.a. vaporgeddon is associated with the proposed Deeming Regulation. If it goes It went into effect 8 August 2016 as written and we could will see the sale of eLiquid for sure if not and APVs and atomizers become "illegal" when the FDA starts enforcement in 2018 2022. Then only those companies that have the resources will take the time and money to go through the FDA PMTA process. And those will only be large companies with closed systems like the BLU. Small ones like the majority of eLiquid manufacturers will be out of business. And the large companies will spend millions and the required by law process will take decades with no guarantee of approval.

As of today, 28 July 2017, the FDA has announced PMTA deadlines are delayed from 2018 until 8.8.2022. While a delay on the deadline allows for testing, it still requires the testing which is very expensive. So in reality nothing much has changed other than they all go illegal, banned removed from the shelf later than expected, but they still go illegal.

Some claim the following advice is "selfish". As if that is bad. Well they are right, it is selfish but it ain't bad. The only one that will stand up for you is YOU. Those who call you selfish, ask them if THEY will sell you eLiquid when it is all banned.

This is not an action to take in lieu of supporting advocacy and writing your congressman and supporting legislation and litigation. This is an action to take in addition to.

I think the best way to prepare for vaporgeddon is to prepare by getting into DIY eLiquid and buy bulk of 100mg/ml base liquid for the total needed for a lifetime and store in a refrigerator/freezer in a glass bottle filled to the top (minimal air gap) with a metal foil shield under the cap before the foam seal. I could probably use clear glass bottles since the bottle is stored in a fridge/freezer. The glass will protect from oxygen degradation, the refrigerator will protect from thermal decay and UV and the metal foil shield under the cap will prevent oxygen decay. Concentrated eLiquid with nicotine should be able to be stored for 40 years or more using this method but I can't prove that. But I went and bought gallons believing it will. Don't flavor it, don't mix with PG. If I used PG then I would have bought PG base nicotine and store it the same way. Nicotine can degrade with Oxygen, UV and other chemical mixes. VG degrades with Oxygen, UV and temperature. Don't store it mixed or with flavors, provide UV and Oxygen barriers and store it cold. Plastic is NOT an oxygen barrier.

Why in bulk? Do the math. 4ml per day at 18% - 18mg/ml, 365 days in a year yields 363 milliliters per year of 100mg/ml used. With 3785 milliliters in a gallon that yields 14 years. If you need more, buy more. Plain non-nicotine VG and PG should be around and not likely a vaporpocalypse concern****.

****This is really unknown. I believe VG will be available but I am not so sure about PG. PG, like VG is FDA GRAS for consumption but not inhalation. However, with PG there are credible scientific studies that suggest PG is not safe to inhale at ANY concentration. And yes, PG is used as today's environmentally safe automobile engine anti-freeze. VG is used in baking, PG not so much. Besides, PG is NOT needed. There are allergies to PG but NOT VG. For all these reasons the vaping industry needed to get away from PG a long time ago just like they should have been using Child Resistant Packaging (CRP) from day one.

It is possible to make your own e-Liquid from a home process that extracts nicotine from loose tobacco, actually more of a whole tobacco extract. Loose tobacco without casings can be purchased online or I can grow my own. I have removed the process on how to do this on purpose.

But make no mistake, the vast majority of experienced vapers cannot or will not DIY. Further, smokers will not DIY to start vaping. It (the vaporpocalypse) is just bad all around.

DIY is the best method for me to prepare, I am not saying it is or will be for everyone, with that said, it ain't difficult at all.

Some talk about a lifetime supply of atomizers or mods. I certainly have done that. Partly because of the recent clearance sales on some really good kit. I am not sure what to say about this other than they can be made at home. And if the predicate date does not get moved then pretty much that will be the only method. But it is more time consuming and will require the use of simple tools and some skill. Which sadly many do not possess nor do they know a friend that does. So if you can afford it, go ahead and stock up. Even a TC mod can be made from simple electronic components and an Arduino. If you are concerned and not handy with simple tools, then go ahead and stock up. Otherwise, DIY may be the only option.

Wick is definitely not a problem. Cotton and Rayon wick comes from the beauty industry. Batteries are definitely not a problem, LiPo or 18350/18650/26650. However EGO and 510 batteries will be illegal because their "intended use" is for an e-Cigarette. Wire will be available even if it isn't called vaping wire. All wire types we use in vaping comes from the heating, welding and or jewelry industry and is not specific to e-Cigarettes. Pre-made coils and atomizer cartridges WILL be a problem. So learn how to rebuild and get an RBA now. I also think notch coils and ceramic cartridges will be illegal as well, because they are not used in any other application that I am aware of.



Not just current vapers.

Children are hurt - they will try smoking instead, which is far worse than even the worst E-cigarette.

Smokers are hurt - they wont be prepared and wont have a life saving alternative that satisfies both the behavioral and chemical habit/addiction.

Non vapers - friends or family that smoke or vape will be hurt and this hurts them, not to mention every wrong headed law that restricts freedom and actually ensures harm, denigrates the entire country and costs trillions in tax payer dollars.

So be selfish and prepare yourself AND support legislation and litigation.

These are methods. HOPE is not a method.




All the information contained in these pages are only the opinions of the author and the author is not an expert at anything.