The rebuildable dripping tank atomizer (RDTA) can give a lot more vapor production and power soaking performance, akin to an RDA or “dripper” for short. The RDTA eliminates the need for constant dripping with a bottle as there is an integrated refillable tank. These are not like the convertible RTAs like the Aqua V2. An RDTA uses a gravity feed to drip juice onto the build or a spring mechanism to squirt juice onto the build. I have not found an RDTA that is better than a squonking RDA and mod.

There a lot of atomizers coming out called RDTAs that are not. These are nothing more than Genisys style attys where the build sits on top and the wicks extend down into a tank.

eTank F1 Skyfall Zero Gravity Flash-e V3 3D

eTank F1

EHPro released this RDTA around the same time as the Bachelor RTA.

There is a spring in the top cap so that when I press down on the top cap it squirts juice in the bottom build chamber. This is a spring action squonker or RDTA. Below is what the build deck looks like.

The build deck looks like any RDA build deck. And top right shows a series dual coil 24gauge Ni200 build with Rayon wicks. The wick ends drop into the juice cups and get saturated with e-Liquid as it rains down from above.

Also in the top cap of the eTank F1 is the airflow control. Air flows down a tube around the chimney and inside the tank to the lower build deck then vapor comes up through the chimney. This makes for a cool vape. I really like this design and the F1 with that build is sustaining 40W 2 360F with 100VG. Very typical for an RDA but more like a tank so you don’t have to drip form a dripper bottle all the time just press the top cap down to squirt some juice into the build below.

This has an RDA build area with top airflow. And I normally do not recommend RDAs with top or side airflow. Nothing beats bottom airflow for flavor and performance. Do they work? Yes, but the best of the best with honors are bottom airflow. Bottom airflow means the airflow comes from below the coil. Side airflow means the air comes to the side of the coil, typical of most RDAs and genesis RTAs. Top airflow means the air comes from the top of the coil. In this case, the long pathway for airflow coming from the top and then all the way back up really cools down the vape and I must admit I am surprised at the performance of this RDTA give it is top airflow which is normally the worst.

The main drawback is all that holds this atomizer together is the friction of an o-ring. They really needed double o-rings on each end of the build glass section.

As I don't recommend them, I have not taken pictures for all of these:


It does work but I like the F1 better. It doesn't seem to squirt as much eLiquid with each press.

Zero Gravity

Bottom tank, side airflow RDA build area.

Flash-e V3

Here is an atty based on another unique design called the Flash E. It is a dripper style tank where the wicking drips the juice from the tank. Similar concept to the GP Spheroid or GP Heron or a Prometey from Titanium Mods. This atty is air and coil under juice flow as shown below.

It can be wicked in multiple ways but the tank has two holes in its bottom for wicking to flow juice down to the coil wick. Typically it is wicked in three parts. One wick through the coil and two down through the holes in the bottom of the tank to contact with the coil wick ends. It comes apart in sections so it does not have to be emptied to get to the tank bottom wicks and coil. It vapes good but the air inlet is in the side of the chimney top and is controlled by installing different size inlets. The vape is good but not as good as designs where the air hole is directly under the coil. Also, it does not have a window to determine juice level.


Bottom tank, side airflow RDA build area.




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