There are a lot of Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers. A veritable plethora. Unfortunately most of them are top, side, or bottom offset airflow. Direct bottom airflow is always the best. Better in performance and flavor. I don't know how many times I see someone saying so and so has excellent flavor and it is a side airflow. There is no comparison. I have several side airflow and offset side airflow atomizers and there is NO comparison. Either these people have never compared with a direct under coil bottom airflow or they have no idea what flavor is. Performance from these is so bad I don't even want to list them. I mark those purchases up as "learning curve". So learn from bad buys and stay away from all but directly unde coil bottom airflow atomizers. No matter what the platform. We learned this years ago so it is unfortunate to see more of them come out even now. I have several RDAs though I hate to drip all day long. But couple a good TC squonk mod with a squonkable RDA and you may never vape anything else ever again.

Here are the bottom airflow RTAs to consider, abort all others:


Comes with squonk 510 pin and has a glass window, somewhat shallower than the Tsunami juice wells and the cap fits very snugly. But this does have the best airflow port in a squonkable dripper I have seen.


This is a venerable squonker RDA coming with a squonk 510 pin though the newest Plus version comes with a glass window.

Tsunami Plus


IMHO this is the best squonk RDA out there all things considered and I highly recommend it. These come with a squonk 510 pin and glass window and deeper juice wells than the Nalu. Though some clones may not have the squonk pin so be careful.

Newest Kennedy

The newest Kennedy looks like a Tsunami so it's hard to tell them apart but no squonk pin, but the airflow is correct.


You can't squonk a Pharaoh but for a dripper it has the best coil posts I have seen. All posts should be like these. This secures the coil legs perfectly without pulling or cutting them. And it has the correct direct under coil bottom airflow. A great dripper if you like to drip. The best I have owned in fact. Otherwise GO SQUONK.




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