The "BEST" of anything is what works for you to keep you from smoking. With that said I have over 100 different atomizers, dozens of mods, disposables, pens, AIO and cig-a-likes.

Technically speaking, these are all e-Cigarettes.

But we prefer to call these Advanced Personal Vaporizers or (APVs) whereas the U.S. FDA calls all e-Cigarettes Electronic Nicotine Devices (ENDS) although Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems would be more appropriate.

All but the Box Mods produce small amounts of vapor which is best for a transitioning smoker as this provides for a mouth to lung (MTL) draw experience.

Convenience Store


Online Disposable


Reusable/Rechargeable Pen

Innokin EGO style

This is what I tried first. Though the amount of vapor is small, not the most cost effective, and was not satisfying enough for me, it is for some people and is an economical, convenient and readily available way to try vaping for the first time to see if it might work for you. But understand this, there are far better in producing more vapor, more flavors, and greater satisfaction..

These are decent disposables but a disposable will never be cost efficient. Just like the Blu, vapor production is small if you get a hint of satisfaction but still not enough then think of these as a stepping stone, I did. But they do work for some. Further, I keep some on hand for introducing new smoking friends to the safer e-Cigarette and vaping. But if you want more satisfaction, don't worry, there is plenty more.

There are many pen styles around and very popular in vape stores as well as on-line and they come as fixed voltage or variable voltage. Vapor production is small. On the order of the cig-a-likes. Some people find these sufficient but if you don't, do not stop here, look to the APVs. You can find these as a kit including atomizer, battery and charger. Given their low cost these days you may be better off trying one of these for the first time instead of a disposable. I still keep one or two around as the wife occasionally will vape. But if you are an all day vaper, look to the APVs.

Box mods are not for everyone. They look too "different" from a real tobacco product.

Techincally, the All-In-One (AIO) e-cigarette can take any form, below is the Z-Biip (highly recommended for transitioning smokers and experienced vapers alike) that resembles a box mod or pack of smokes, the main difference is AIOs are not designed to take an external atomizer of your choosing and are limited to the atomizer that is built into it. Interestingly, most AIOs also have an internal or integrated non-user replaceable battery but not all.

I do not own a "Pod" e-cigarette. Pods use a disposable atomizer. Some are refillable some are not. If it has a replaceable coil/wick and is refillable, then technically it is an AIO. Look, if a Pod works for you, then great. I do not recommend them for a couple reasons. I believe it is just a matter of time and the US Government is going to enforce the deeming regulation and when they do, you can forget buying replaceable atomizers for your Pod. None have entered PMTA. Secondly, there are some really good AIO's and pen or tube mods that make the Pod pale in comparison to performance and features. Take the Z-Biip pictured above. As of this writing 9.25.2019, these can be had for $30 USD. Add a 30ml of e-Liquid for $15 USD and that is the same price as a carton of smokes, takes up the same space in your pocket as a pack of smokes and a lighter, is rechargeable and uses replaceable coils and is refillable. And there are several AIOs on the market with these features and also take an RBA cartridge. With that said, pod systems can look like a stick, a tube mod, or a box mod and people like them for their light weight, small size and ease of use.

Sometimes you will see the Z-Biip tank advertised as a "pod". And to make matters worse, Innokin, the Manufacturer, calls them "pods". But technically, they are not pods. They are refilleable and reuseable tanks. Technically, they are what is known as a Clearomizer. A clearo is refillable and takes coil/wick cartridges which is exactly what the Z-Biip tank takes. The only difference is the form factor. Most clearos have a 510 connector on the bottom to mate with the 510 on a box or tube mod and are thusly interchangeable, the Z-Biip tank does not. Most clearos use a glass tank and when they do, the most appropriate term is a glassomizer, but some do not, such as the Z-Biip tank.





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